Private investigator for hire: Atlanta, GA

Private investigator: Atlanta, GA. How to choose?

Private investigator: Atlanta, GA. How to choose?

Private detectives in Atlanta, GA are plentiful and easy to find. A simple Google search will reveal over one hundred results and you’ll have more than enough to choose from. Many private investigators will purchase ads promising all kinds of things from “$0 down”, and “We’re the best”, and “Best rated”. So how do you sort out the good from the bad and how do you determine which ones are truly ugly?

Well, there are several ways you can choose a private investigator in Atlanta and be sure you’re not making a big mistake. After all, your experience with a private investigator is going to cost you money and in today’s world, every penny counts. You don’t want to hire a charlatan and you don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t have the experience you need for your case.

How to hire a private investigator in Atlanta, GA?

Here are 4 simple ways to make sure you are not making a mistake when choosing a private detective in Atlanta, GA:

  1. First Impressions – you should always speak to the private detective you intend to hire, or your attorney intends to use fo your case. When you talk to them, how do they make you feel? Do they sound confident? Do they offer you ideas on other ways to work on your case and do they tell you when some of YOUR ideas might be a waste of time and money? You need to feel confident when hiring a private investigator. You should ask your attorney how many times they’ve used that private detective and how they’ve felt about the results. First impressions count – if they don’t impress you when you first talk to them, they certainly won’t impress you when working your case.
  2. Who else uses them – ask the private detective you intend to hire in Atlanta, GA for a list of clients who have used them. If they say, “Well, we can’t do that” or, “Our clients are private”, you should just hang up the phone on them. The details of any CASE they’ve worked on are private but not the clients themselves. A proper client list looks like this. These are clients you can contact directly to find out what experiences they’ve had with the private detective you’re looking to hire in Atlanta.
  3. Are they licensed?  – you would be amazed at how many people hold themselves out to be a private detective and is doing so illegally. Every private detective is required to be licensed and licensing is governed by the Secretary of State or by the State Police. If you ask a private investigator about their license you should be directed to something that looks like this. If they are reluctant to show you or don’t show you their license, you should run. Every private detective in Atlanta is required to be licensed if they’re going to take your money to work on a case.
  4. What do others say?  – testimonials, or references and reviews are the highest form of praise a company can receive, and in Atlanta, it’s no less true for a private detective. When you decide to hire a private detective in Atlanta, take a look at their website and see whether they have comments, reviews, or references and what those references say. Remember, not everyone will be happy. Sometimes, private detectives work on cases and the results aren’t what the customer wanted, due to no fault of the private detective. Sometimes, these people leave poor reviews. You can see the reviews for Eagle here and here.

If you are looking for an affordable licensed Atlanta private detective, with 20 years of experience assisting individuals, attorneys and corporations feel free to contact us here. You can also view a portion of our extensive client list here, and see what actual clients say about Eagle Investigative Services a private detective in Atlanta, Georgia.

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