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Proving a meretricious relationship:

Typically, a pattern of repeated activity is the key to proving someone is living at a residence. We get the evidence your case needs using a number of methodologies.

The methods we use:

(We may use all or just some of these to prove a meretricious relationship)

  • Surveillance of a residence:

    We can obtain documented visual proof that the parties are spending the night together. Coupled with this, video surveillance of parties holding hands or being affectionate can provide further proof that the relationship is romantic.


  • Social Media Investigations:

    A thorough OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigation can reveal vacation photos, special events such as birthday celebrations and other social media evidence that the pair are romantic.


  • Trash dives:

    This is probably the least glamorous of a private investigator’s tasks. We have retrieved trash from the residence where a suspected pair is amorous and uncovered evidence such as condoms, female toiletries, discarded prescription bottles, discarded bank statements, discarded copies of drivers’ licenses, and discarded liquor bottles. We often forensically examine these items for DNA evidence to further prove a meretricious relationship.


  • Neighborhood canvassing:

    There is almost always one nosey neighbor more than willing to show off their knowledge base of the neighborhood activities and may have supporting information regarding the relationship between the parties. We do this after all other available sources of evidence gathering are exhausted so as to not potentially hamper the investigation.


  • GPS tracking

    GPS tracking technology use depends on state laws. Many states prohibit the use of GPS trackers but in the states that do we’ve employed these trackers to great effect. The use of a GPS (Global Positioning Tracker) can show a pattern of activity for a vehicle. Showing a vehicle to be present at a residence for extended periods of time (days, weeks) can be invaluable evidence to support an alimony modification claim where a pattern is required as evidence.

We have assisted attorneys nationwide gather evidence to successfully support alimony reduction cases.

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