Stalking Protection

Trace Any Phone Number In Real Time from Georgia Private Detectives

Most phone companies can initiate an automatic trace of the last call (s) you received, however they will only share the found details of the party harassing you to legally constituted authorities (police). Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. uses advanced telephone switching technology to trace a telephone number and have the information legally provided to you, IN REAL TIME. You simply receive your calls on your regular local phone line, as you always have done, yet you will learn the true number that is calling you even if the caller used the *67 blocking feature. There are no apparent changes in your phone service that would tip off a harassing caller! Now you can fight back against annoying and threatening phone calls using the switching power phone company’s don’t want you to know about and won’t tell you about! Remember, there are no visible changes to your service, lines or voicemail and you can get a full report of all phone calls you’ve received even when they are blocked with *67 or via from the source call blocking. The calls can be trapped in REAL TIME, which means we can tell you the identity of the caller, at the same time as the call is received!! So, to summarize: there’s no change to your current service – you continue to receive calls just as you have been doing all along. We set up a “man in the middle” service to monitor the callers who are calling you. When you get an unwanted, blocked or harassing call you don’t have to worry. We’ll know who it is. We can also set up recording of these calls (with your permission) so we’ll also have a crystal clear audio recording of the blocked caller! Call us at (800) 867-3930 if you’d like to learn more.

Being harassed in person?

If you feel you are being followed or harassed by someone, Eagle Investigative Services has the investigative skills to assist you to obtain actual and video evidence so you can take the proper legal action. We can:
  1. Document and provide evidence of stalking/harassment
  2. Uncover the identity of the stalker/harasser
  3. Assist in obtaining legal advice in getting the harassment to stop
If you feel that you are being followed, please do not attempt to confront your pursuer. Go to a safe place and call us – we are open 24 hours a day. We will come to meet you if you feel it is necessary. A safe place can mean a friend’s house, or even a well-lit gas station where you are surrounded by other people. If your pursuer approaches you – call the police!! If he/she is simply lurking around, then there is not much the police can do, but we can help you even the odds by obtaining identities and proof of your pursuers. We can also provide 24-hour bodyguard service, and protection for you while you carry out your daily activities. For more information about how our service can be helpful in making you feel safer, and can help you stop unwanted attention or harassment, contact us and provide us with as much information as you have about your situation.
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