Workers’ Compensation

“The value and importance of professional investigators cannot be overstated in the handling of a workers’ compensation claim.”

Workers’ compensation programs are intended to help those who are injured or severely disabled. But some attempt to deceive the system and gain an advantage, money, and other benefits by faking an injury, assured that they will never be caught. As the costs and consequences of workers’ compensation fraud continue to grow, your company needs to guarantee that you’re not dealing with one.

At Eagle Investigation Services, we provide Workers’ Compensation investigation. With expertise and experience in the field, Eagle will endeavor to make sure your company is not a victim of compensation fraud.

 “Professional investigators along with their specific investigative skills and experience are assets to attorneys during the handling, evaluation and resolution of a litigated workers’ compensation matter.” –


Do you suspect that one of your employees is milking a supposedly work-related injury for all it’s worth?

There are many ways to identify possible workers’ compensation fraud, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which is prosecuting employees for this transgression in record numbers this year.

Consider it a red flag if the injured worker:

  • Reports that the accident occurred in the early morning, especially on a Monday. It may be a sports-related or weekend injury claimed as having happened at work.
  • Says the injury occurred in an area where he or she wouldn’t normally be (especially if it’s a high-risk area), or if no one witnessed the accident.
  • Is facing financial pressures or anticipates disruption in pay due to an impending strike or looming layoffs.
  • Has a history of short-term employment or lied on the original job application.
  • Changes doctors several times while undergoing treatment for the injury.
  • Takes off more work days than the reported accident would seem to warrant.
  • Retains legal representation immediately after the accident has occurred.


Investigations are designed to be affordable, less expensive exploration investigations. This type of investigation is designed to provide our client with information regarding the claims’ legitimacy. Jurisdiction and employment information is heavily scrutinized.

We first examine information obtained from the case file provided by our client. We then examine any other factors, such as substance abuse, or deviation from the workplace protocol, to determine the validity of the claim. Most of these discoveries are made without actually observing the claimant.


Investigation is a more detailed investigation. The purpose of this investigation is to confirm the legitimacy or fraudulence of a claim. It centers on observation and documented surveillance of the claimant.

This investigation provides the client with a solid account of the activities and physical condition of the claimant. We will observe and document the habit patterns and activities of the claimant for a specific time period.

Whether we conduct a workers’ compensation or liability investigation, the client can rest assured that only State licensed private investigators will be used to conduct the investigation. Additionally, we use the latest in video and photographic equipment to provide the best product available.

We also provide a unique Unconditional Service Guarantee. We want you to be pleased with our services and that is why we are the only agency in the United States to offer a risk-free guarantee to our clients.

For more information about our workers’ compensation investigation, contact us as soon as possible. Protect your interests and rights by hiring the right people for the job.

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