Child Custody

Child Custody handled by top Atlanta Private Detectives

You’ve seen the stories…

5 year old molested by new stepfather

Daycare center leaves baby in crib overnight

Nanny accused in toddler’s death

Eagle Investigative Services has the investigative skills to assist attorneys and individuals in difficult custodial care situations.

We can:

  1. Document and provide evidence of neglect and mistreatment
  2. Uncover evidence, and provide proof of illegal activities.
  3. Document and provide evidence of custodial improprieties

Your children mean everything to you and when you need to be sure they receive and get the care and attention they deserve, hire the right partner to find out for sure.

We offer extensive and effective experience along with the latest evidence documentation, equipment, and sources. All consultations are absolutely free!

With divorce proceeding becoming more stressful and expensive over time, we strongly recommend post-divorce investigations regardless of the circumstances. The results of not conducting a post-divorce investigation can cause your child to feel unwanted, insecure, and may cause mental trauma in later life.

In child custody cases, our investigations have revealed neglect, mistreatment, mal-nourishment, sexual abuse, mental abuse and even slave labor. In a child custody case you should gain all of the leverage you need to ensure your children’s future and safety.

Eagle Investigative Services can obtain the evidence you need.

For more information about how our service can be helpful in making sure your child is receiving the care and attention they deserve, contact us and provide us with as much information as you have about your situation.

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