Collection and Repossession

Collection and Repossession services offered by top Georgia Private Investigator firm.

For more information about investigative services to support your external collection efforts, contact us and provide us with as much information as you have about your situation. An investigator will be in contact to discuss your case.

We provide a full range of services for private clients at affordable rates. Our services include locating missing persons, surveillance, still and video photography, divorce evidence, closed circuit television, personal protection. If you believe you are being watched, followed, or bugged, it’s best to contact us immediately.
Advancements in technology can easily leave your company vulnerable to threats and attacks. We provide companies with pre-employment checks, surveillance installation and employee monitoring, worker’s compensation investigations, collection and repossession services, skip tracing, and more.If you think your security and safety have been compromised, we can train and teach you on what to do under such circumstances. We also have the expertise to recover any compromised and corrupted data that may help our investigation. Protect your personal and corporate interests from dishonest partners, competitors, and fraudulent employees with Atlanta’s premier private investigators.Employed by the state’s top law firms, we provide criminal and civil investigation services for private and corporate sectors. We offer activity checks, insurance fraud investigations, property and vehicle theft, subrogation, and background checks. We can also assist with corporate security, skip tracing, espionage countermeasures, and undercover operations.Contact us today to learn how we can serve you or your company.

Corporate PI Services

Workmens Comp

Employee Monitoring

Undercover Operations

Executive Protection

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