Undercover Operations

Corporate undercover operations handled by top Atlanta PI firm

Secret Shopping Services

In today’s highly competitive marketplace a business owner needs all of the assistance they can get. Eagle Investigative Services offers corporate undercover operations and has highly trained investigators that can “shop” your retail location placing emphasis on the quality of the customer service provided by your employees, and knowledge of the product’s being sold. Eagle Investigative Services can also observe any blatant signs of employee theft or deception. This would be extremely helpful for any business owner. Our reports will include detailed information on the shop and the results found.

Corporate Espionage

Your company has worked hard building an excellent client base and developing products and services that are vital to your daily business. Eagle Investigative Services can assist companies in keeping their files, company contacts and product information from falling into the hands of your competitors.

We work closely with the top executives in your organization to identify and provide the evidence needed when you have someone passing your information to others.In addition, the companies information is also a vital asset to protect especially if a merger or acquisition is about to occur.

A report leaked out prior to the completion of a deal can spell disaster. We at Eagle Investigative Services can assist in the handling of sensitive documents between both companies involved. Eagle Investigative Services also has professionals in the field of computer security and network integrity.

Violence in the Workplace

“Workplace homicide is the fastest growing type of Murder in the USA. A growing number of workers are victims of violence and harassment on the job and Experts say the trend show no signs of reversal!” (Northwestern Life Insurance, 1995)

Incidents like the one that occurred in Atlanta, Georgia where a disgruntled Day Trader opened fire and killed 9 employees and the ex-employee in Birmingham, Alabama, that killed three employees are all too common. Unfortunately, employers are sometimes placed in a position where an employee or an individual outside the company presents a threat to the safety and well being of the company and its employees. Court rulings have consistently placed responsibility for providing a safe working environment squarely on the shoulders of the employer and “due diligence” requirements dictate that employers must take reasonable actions to protect employees when made aware of a threat.

Eagle Investigative Services can provide an added level of safety and security when dealing with these sensitive issues. We work in conjunction with both your human resources staff, your legal counsel, and either Local or Federal Law Enforcement officials when necessary, to reduce either discreetly or publicly the threat and the overall liability that your company may be faced with.

When companies are faced with the probability for violence, decisions must be made correctly and quickly. Delays resulting from the collection of bids or staffing can prove to be a costly and a potentially deadly mistake. Much like planning ahead for any company emergency, we strongly recommend planning ahead for the situations involving violence in your workplace, and if that occurs, we all will be prepared!

Undercover Investigations

These are some examples of the types of investigations that are useful to companies:

  • Internal theft
  • Illegal drug use and dealing
  • Theft of company time
  • Alcohol consumption on the job
  • Gambling on company property
  • Embezzlement
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Computer Security
  • Company policy violations

Are you tired of being ripped off by theft, drug abuse, fraudulent worker’s compensation claims, misuse of companies time and property, poor attitude and trouble makers?

If so, undercover investigations are without a doubt one of the best forms of internal investigations. It is not only efficient, but cost effective.

Just as any other employee, the undercover operative goes to work, is paid in the same manner, treated the same and works side by side with your employees. Social contacts are established, such as going to parties, bars, bowling leagues, etc. When the fellow employees accept the undercover operative as one of their peers, they confide in him.

There is also a positive result that comes out of the undercover reports such as honest, hardworking and loyal employees. If there is need for police interaction, we will act as the liaison. If drug buys are to be made for instance, we would work with the local police department’s narcotics unit. This is at the sole discretion of the client.

At the conclusion of the investigation, if the client so desires, Eagle Investigative Services will conduct the interview process. We have years of experience in interviewing and interrogation techniques, and after thousands of interviews we have not had one complaint against our license or one lawsuit. Eagle Investigative Services is licensed and fully insured.

In the vast majority of cases the undercover operative is never known or exposed even at the conclusion of the investigation.

Depending on the scope of the investigation, undercover operatives generally insure that there are no organized drug or theft rings going on inside your company. The use of undercover operatives works very well with criminal background screenings. Not all criminals have conviction records. Generally, our operative can identify these problem individuals during the probationary period and minimize problems or loss to our clients. In many cases they will be privy to information on an employee preparing to file a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim.

Through the years we have developed methods to deal with fraudulent worker’s compensation claims and minimize our clients exposure. Eagle Investigative Services offers its clients the most comprehensive training and selection process in the security and undercover industry today. The quality of our workforce and investigative team stems from the most extensive background and training process available. Most importantly they have been personally trained by Eagle Investigative Services.

Most applicants in order to be eligible for work at our clients locations must meet or exceed the minimum requirements.

They have completed and graduated from a state accredited investigator training school. This training consists of hours of classroom instruction. Course instruction covers criminal investigation, crime, employee theft and sabotage, fraud, embezzlement, evidence, and loss prevention.

Upon completion of above course Eagle Investigative Services conducts an extensive background search and screening process on all prospective applicants.

For more information about how we conduct undercover operations, contact us and provide us with as much information as you have about your subject/s.

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