Find Missing Persons

Eagle finds Missing Persons

If a loved one or someone close has suddenly gone missing, contact the people whose goal is your peace of mind. Our Missing Person detective in Atlanta has the expertise, knowledge and passion to find your missing loved one and get them right where they belong –right next to you.

Eagle Investigative Services searches can help you find people for a variety of different reasons. If you would like to be re-united with someone you have lost contact with  – we can help.

Search Types Available:

  1. Missing Persons Search: This search will help locate people that have been lost track of or are in need of finding.
  2. Social Security Verification Search:  Using the individual’s social security number we will provide you with current addresses, employment and any other names the individual has used in the past.
  3. Name & Address Search: This search will find the name and current address of the person that belongs to the social security number. This can locate nearly anyone in the US, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
  4. Subject Verification Search: This search will access a new address, verification of existing address, current occupant, nearest neighbor or verification that the address is a known valid address with no occupant.
  5. Address Verification Search: This search will verify that the information is correct or the name and phone number of the current occupant living at that address. You also receive the type of dwelling the date of residence and the names, addresses, phone numbers of 5, 10 or 20 nearby neighbors, depending on your needs.
  6. Phone Number Search: This search can locate the name and address of the individual the phone number is listed to.
  7. Surname Search: This search will help you find current address by using the persons last name. This search is very helpful for reunions, finding lost relatives etc. You can search 10 to 50 surnames at once.
  8. Death Records Search: This search will help you find out if an individual is deceased, by using their name or social security number, state and date of birth.

Our Goal is Your Peace of Mind

Eagle Investigative Services offers a sense of clarity and sound solutions to any client going through such a trying time. Each case that involves a missing person is different. For example, if a child went missing, the local law enforcement will show immediate and utmost support, so will the community at large. The response to adults or adolescents missing may be different, and getting all the help you need may be more challenging. This is where our services come in and work to give you peace of mind.

For more information about how our service can be helpful in locating your missing person, click on Info Request and provide us with as much information as you have about your subject/s.

Technology can be harmful, but we use it to your advantage. At Eagle Investigative Services, we leverage technology to support your needs and enhance our private investigation service in Atlanta.

These include GPS tracking which can assist with your needs for evidence of corporate spying, unwanted e-mails, inappropriate web activities, and employee activity monitoring.

We also have the expertise to recover any compromised and corrupted data that may help our investigation.

Protect your personal and corporate interests from dishonest partners, competitors, and fraudulent employees with Atlanta’s premier private investigators.

Contact us today to learn how we can serve you or your company.

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