Can private investigators track your phone?

Can private investigators track your phone?

Can private investigators track your phone? The thought of it is scary, right? But, in reality there are some ways a private investigator can track your phone. Read on…

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Why would private investigators track your phone?

There are a few scenarios in which a private investigator could legally track your phone. The thought of it might scare you a little, but the following scenarios are situations where a competent private investigator has been hired to track a phone: 

  • Elderly/demented person – sometimes, elderly people forget where they are and where they are going. It’s a sad situation but in cases where the elderly person carries a phone, they can be tracked. Family members get private investigators to track the phone by installing tracking software on the phone itself. 
  • Teenager/child – the world outside has become more dangerous than ever. Parents worry about where their kids are going and who they’re talking to, often with good reason. In these cases, they’ll hire private investigators who can track your phone. 
  • Employees – today’s corporate world has become full of espionage and ransomware threats. Employees are the weakest link in any organization as they can easily become compromised. When an employer has doubts about an employee’s loyalty they will often hire a private investigator to track their company-owned phone. 

How would private investigators track your phone?

As you can see from the scenarios above, there are many scenarios where private investigators can track your phone with the appropriate authority. Of course, without proper authority it would most likely be illegal if private investigators track your phone. You would likely have both a criminal case and a civil case, so you should definitely talk to an attorney about it. But, IF a private investigator wanted to track your phone, how would they do it? Here are the ways: 

Software  – software installed on your phone can monitor not only your location, but messages you send and received including emails. The software available today can even trap messages that are designed to self-destruct.

GPS tracking – using GPS trackers, private investigators track your phone by counting on the fact that almost nobody goes anywhere without their cellphone. If they have a GPS tracker installed in your car, or your backpack, then 99% of the time they’ll also be tracking your phone. 

What is the best software to track your phone?

So if you’re a parent who wants to control the use of a phone you own, or an employer who has responsibility for the phones you legally provide to employees, then you might employ private investigators to track your phone. There are some options from the types of software a private investigator would use to track a phone and we will discuss them here. 

Most phones fall into two categories: 

Android phones  – Android software that lets private investigators track your phone lets them be like a fly on the wall, revealing your view GPS locations, your photos, your videos, and your web history. When private investigators track your phone using software they are essentially running an Android keylogger to let you know them know exactly what is typed on the target device.

And a private investigator tracking your phone also has the ability to listen and record live phone calls & phone surroundings, including VoIP calls you might make on WhatsApp, Skype, or Viber. Some of the software being used when a private investigator tracks your phone records even more apps. 


iPhones/Apple  – the software available to allow private investigators to track your phone is almost identical to the the software available for Android. GPS locations, photos, web history and your personal photos are all recorded when private investigators track your phone. Your phone calls can be listened in on in real-time and that even includes calls you make using VOIP or WIFI.  Everything you type is recorded elsewhere and made available when private investigators track your phone. 

What can I do next if my phone is being tracked?

Well, the best people to call when you think you’re being tracked is someone in the industry who might be tracking you in the first place – a professional, ethical private investigator. 

Why? Well, since private investigators are skilled at tracking, they’re also skilled at identifying and removing tracking software. Of course, you should call a private investigator that’s reputable. If you have tracking software installed on your phone, it was installed most likely by a disreputable or unlicensed private investigator. 

You can find a competent private investigator by calling an attorney you know and asking for a referral to a professional private investigator. That way you know you can trust the private investigator they recommend. If that private investigator doesn’t have the technical skill to assist you, they will certainly know someone who will. 

Will you help if I think private investigators
are tracking my phone?

We certainly will, just call us at (800) 867-3930. 

We have the computer forensics skills to uncover illegally installed software on phones, computers and any other digital media you think might be compromised. And we can detect GPS devices that might be installed on your vehicle. 

If you want to talk to a professional, caring private investigator who has experience with phone tracking software and the removal of phone tracking software, then just call (800) 867-3930 and speak to someone who will be happy to answer any questions you have, no obligation. If you are looking for affordable licensed private investigators in Atlanta with 20 years of experience in assisting individuals, attorneys and corporations feel free to contact us here. You can also view a portion of our extensive client list here, and see here what actual clients say about Eagle Investigative Services a private investigator in Atlanta, Georgia.

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