Computer Forensics

Atlanta PI Firm offering cutting edge computer forensics

Are you worried that an employee is stealing propriety information? Is your client involved in a divorce case and need an evidence of infidelity? Do you think your server, computer, or phone is being hacked? Eagle PI Services can assist.

We work to put an end to inappropriate behavior and protect your interests and assets through our expertise in computer forensics. Our team in Atlanta utilizes advanced technology to uncover pieces of evidence that would support your case.

With plenty of experience in computer forensics, our private investigators are equipped in gathering and analyzing stored data from most computer hard drives. Our investigation may uncover digital evidence from different types of files and documents, web browser history, and e-mail correspondence.

The concept of computer forensics, while fundamentally simple, can involve many advanced processes and technologies.

It’s the examination of a computer, usually the computer’s hard drive, with the goal being of finding evidence that can withstand court scrutiny. The evidence can be anything from indications that a file was deleted or, that a malicious e-mail was created on a particular computer.

Eagle Investigative Services has proven expertise across the full spectrum of computer forensics examination of our client’s computers. Our clients range from international investigative firms to attorneys to corporate clients.

What can you expect from a computer forensics investigation?

First, you can expect and demand total professionalism and discretion from our team. The computer hard drive will be forensically acquired so that the original data material remains intact and unchanged. We maintain a complete and recorded chain of custody.

What can be found?

  • Find hidden files or folders
  • Uncover deleted folders or files
  • Proof of file modifications
  • Internet surfing activities
  • Document file downloads or uploads
  • Entire documents or portions of documents.

We can support your needs for:

  • Evidence of corporate spying
  • Inappropriate  web activities
  • Unwanted e-mail
  • File changes to cover traces of a particular activity

Computer Forensics Provided:

  • Forensics Analysis of Computers and Data To Support Civil And Criminal Investigations
  • Forensic Acquisition of  Computer Data
  • Employee Activity  Monitoring (see here)
  • Expert Witness Testimony when required
  • Computer Forensics on PC, Mac and Unix Platforms

For more information about how our service can be helpful in making you feel safer, and can help you stop unwanted attention or harassment, contact us and provide us with as much information as you have about your situation.

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