Why would a private investigator be looking for me?

Why would a private investigator be looking for me?

Why would a private investigator be looking for me?

You get a message, phone call, or an email and it appears to be from a person calling themselves a private investigator or private detective. You immediately ask yourself, “Why would a private investigator be looking for me?”. Well, there are a few reasons which we’ll go through here.

First, if a private investigator calls you and actually says they are a private investigator, then it is most likely one of the following 4 situations:

  1. They think you are a witness to something – they have a case where your name has come up and they just want to talk to you to see what you remember if anything. A private investigator cannot force you to talk to them and you don’t have to speak to them if you don’t want to. However, the information they seek might be very helpful to someone who is in trouble, so keep that in mind.
  2. They have some information for you – if a private investigator tells you they’re actually a private investigator then it might be the case that they have some important information for you. It’s not every day you get a call from a private investigator so it makes sense to hear them out. It might be very beneficial for you.
  3. They have something to give youprivate investigators are often used to track down heirs of property or money. The reason a private investigator might be looking for you is to get these things to you quickly. Sometimes the private investigator gets a commission upon the successful return of items to individuals and heirs. It might be a very good call for you to take.
  4. They are trying to connect you with someone – somebody who may have lost touch with you has called the private investigator to find you. You can always instruct the private investigator not to release your information to anyone and a legitimate private investigator will honor your wishes in this regard.

But, before you talk to a private investigator there are some things you should be sure of first:

  1. Make sure they are legit/licensed – private investigators must be licensed in most states and a legitimate private investigator will share their license information with you, or tell you where to go online to find their license information. Failure to do either of these could mean the person calling you is either unlicensed or is out to harm you.
  2. Make sure they give you a phone number you can use to call them back.
  3. Verify their online presence – there are hardly any private investigators in business today that don’t have an online presence of some kind. The lack of a website is a sure sign that the private investigator is either small time, or is not really a private investigator.

So, instead of asking the question, “Why would a private investigator be looking for me?” you should ask, “How can I verify this person is really who they say they are?”

Private investigators will rarely reveal they are private investigators. Usually, they will use some form of pretext to get the information they’re looking for and not reveal they are private investigators. This is so they don’t tip off anyone that they’re investigating a case.

And of course, you should never release any kind of identifying information to anyone over the phone. A legitimate private investigator will give YOU your identifying information if they need to verify you are who you say you are.

A private investigator is almost always working on a case to help someone in a difficult situation. If you get a call from a private investigator feel free to ask them WHY they want to talk to you.

So now, you have some information to answer the question, “Why would a private investigator be looking for me?”

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