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What do most people hire private investigators for?

What do most people hire private investigators for?


Private investigators are some of the most mis-understood people in the world.


If you were to watch old movies and television series from the 70’s you’d assume that most private investigators spend their time fighting with their adversary or brandishing their guns. Some even drove fast flashy cars and courted their beautiful clients. The understatement of the century is to say that the real-life work of a private investigator is nothing like this. So, you might ask yourself, “What do most people hire private investigators for?”

Well the answer is, a wide variety of things. Some of the more common areas that private investigator are hired for include:

  1. Cheating cases – when one party thinks the other is running around on them they often turn to the private investigator to help satisfy their suspicions. A private investigator with a flashy car won’t be very successful at this kind of work.
  2. Workers Compensation Fraud Cases – again, a flashy car won’t be of much use here. The idea will be for the private investigator to blend into the surroundings and be covert. This often means hiding among trash cans and can even mean hiding among bushes filled with poison ivy. The life of a real private investigator is far from fun.
  3. Missing person cases – when someone goes missing the reasons behind it are often varied. Some people just lose touch. Others are hiding from people they owe money to. Others have died. Some have even run away from home. The private investigator has to deal with each case slightly differently as there are different emotions in each case. This requires the private investigator to have empathy towards their clients.
  4. Child Custody cases – children who are endangered are some of the saddest cases that can be worked by a private investigator. Often children are beaten and some are even malnourished. They can be neglected and even put into dangerous situations. These kinds of cases require a very experienced private investigator.
  5. Alimony Modification cases – many times in divorce cases, one party has to pay the other what is called “spousal support”. This is usually a monthly payment for many years and can be a considerable amount of money. If the party receiving the money starts to live with a new lover, it’s termed a “meretricious relationship” and if it can be proved, the payments stop. Private investigators are hired to prove these scenarios and save their clients considerable amounts of alimony payments.
  6. Business intelligence – businesses are always trying to get ahead of their competitors and are always looking for new clients. When they think one of their competitors is better than them at getting new clients they always wonder why and how. When they want to know what their competitors are doing, they often hire private investigators to do some digging.


So, as you can see the answer to “What do most people hire private investigators for?” is a very varied and low-key answer. The reality of it is that private investigators help people in all kinds of situations on a daily basis and they usually remain behind the scenes.

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