Why hire a private investigator for car accident investigations?

You my ask yourself why hire a private investigator for car accident investigations?

According to the US Department of Transportation there were over 33,000 deaths from motor vehicle accidents in 2019. There’s is a table located here that breaks it down state by state.


Car accidents are serious and many times there’s some dispute as to who is at fault. Sometimes police officers who respond to the scene of a car accident are the ones who make the determination of who is at fault. But what if the police officer is wrong?


Very, very rarely is a police officer and trained car accident investigator or a forensic examiner of car accidents. It’s likely the police officer had some training in car accidents and scene investigation but it’s unlikely they have extensive training.


And what if the police officer is wrong? Who do you turn to then? Your insurance company might help you, but that’s very unlikely too. Somebody may recommend a private investigator to you and you then find yourself asking the question, “Why hire a private investigator for car accident investigations?”. The answer is simple – some private investigators (not all) specialize in accident reconstruction techniques.


They have the training and the software to reconstruct accidents and many times they expose wrong fault at the scene of an accident. Many times the determination the police officer made is canceled by the findings of a trained private investigator investigating the car accident.


These private investigators usually assemble a diverse team of engineers, mechanics, technicians, scientists, and researchers, and then trains them in the technology needed to gather complex data sets and provide the most comprehensive analysis possible for any car accident investigation they encounter.


Some of the areas they specialize in include:


  1. Automotive Design Analysis
  2. Engine and Emission Technology
  3. Specialty Vehicle Analysis
  4. Injury Causation Analysis
  5. Regulatory and Compliance
  6. Cell Phone Downloads
  7. Vehicle Systems Analysis
  8. Risk Analysis
  9. Research and Testing
  10. Vehicle Performance Analysis
  11. Electrical Systems
  12. Materials Failure Analysis
  13. Human Factors
  14. Accident Analysis
  15. Seatbelt Systems
  16. Airbag Systems
  17. Statistical Analysis and Probability Modeling
  18. Reliability Modeling and Simulation
  19. Reliability Testing
  20. Probabilistic Risk Assessments


Often the private investigator is considered an automotive forensic consulting expert and they often assemble an entire engineering firm so they can provide failure analysis, accident reconstruction, and expert witness services to their clients.


Being in an accident is usually traumatic enough for most people, and often it simply ends with exchanging insurance cards and fixing a little car body damage. On the unfortunate occasion when the accident is more serious you might have to go to court and wouldn’t you feel better about your case with a full forensic reconstruction expert on your side?  Your chances of an outcome that benefits you are vastly improved. Having a competent private investigator  on your side means having a fully trained professional working for you who can also provide expert witness testimony on your behalf and help make your case far more solid than if you winged it by yourself.

If you are looking for an affordable licensed private investigator, with 20 years of experience assisting individuals, attorneys and corporations feel free to contact us here. You can also view a portion of our extensive client list here, and see what actual clients say about us here.


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