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Private investigation firms in Atlanta brace for less restrictions from COVID-19

For the greater part of 2020, and into 2021 private investigation firms in Atlanta have been dealing with the fallout from COVID-19. For many it has meant a decrease in business, but for some it has been a time to pivot and start new areas of business. Some of these areas have been extremely profitable.

For example, many private investigation firms in Atlanta started getting involved with contact tracing. According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, contact tracing is:

Case investigation and contact tracing, a core disease control measure employed by local and state health department personnel for decades, is a key strategy for preventing further spread of COVID-19. Immediate action is needed. Communities must scale up and train a large workforce and work collaboratively across public and private agencies to stop the transmission of COVID-19.”

Many private investigators invested in courses to get certified in contact tracing. These courses give private investigators the skills to define an infectious contact and timeline for public health intervention through contact tracing. So, working with government agencies and in conjunction with the public, private investigators are able to use the skills they’ve learned in these courses to better track infections.

The skills learned in these courses teach private investigators to focus attention and some of the tools being used to stop the spread of the virus: contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine.

Other private investigation firms have turned their focus to online training by providing courses to other private investigators and the public about areas of private investigation that are generally popular. Cold case investigations, for example, give participants an overall view of the cold case problem. The courses also provide them with a solid methodology for fact collection and case progression. And, with the true-crime genre being one of the most sought after genres by the public, cold case training will always be popular.

And still other private investigators are simply waiting for restrictions to lift so they can get back to their regular business. Many are looking forward to the courthouses opening fully to allow record searches for missing persons cases. Others are looking forward to more people being at work to make their surveillance lives a little easier.

And there’s the fallout from COVID in families that have been locked down for months together in the same house. According to the CDC there has been a sharp increase in suspected and confirmed child abuse cases. For private investigators who work in the area of child custody investigations this area will prove to be a constant source of new cases. These cases are highly emotionally charged because of the nature of abuse to children and they can be difficult for inexperienced private investigators to navigate.

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