Can private investigators find someone?

Can private investigators find someone? See how!

Can private investigators find
someone in Georgia? The USA? The World? How?

Competent private investigators are skilled at finding people. In fact, for some private investigators locating people is all they do. They spend day in and day out looking for people. They use the latest proprietary databases and sources to locate whoever it is they’re looking for. Private investigators find someone by using these resources coupled with some smart detective work that we’ll reveal below. 

So, WHY would private investigators find someone? What would be the reason they would be looking for a person in the first place? Well, let’s examine the reason. 

Reasons why private investigators find someone

Private investigators get hired by individuals, attorneys and corporations on a daily basis. All of these types of people have a reason to find people, so we’ll break it down by each one so you can see why they would hire a private investigator to find one. 

  • Attorneys – attorneys will hire a private investigator to find someone so they can serve them with a lawsuit. Attorneys will also hire private investigators to track down witnesses for a case that’s ongoing. Attorneys who work in real estate will use private investigators to find heirs. 
  • People – regular people get into disputes and will sometimes hire a private investigator to track down someone for a lawsuit. People will also hire private investigators to track down a friend they’ve lost touch with. Sometimes, families drift apart and if the person being sought isn’t on social media. 
  • Corporationscorporations often have reason to locate people, especially when they’re tracking down references that are listed on a resumé. Corporations also track down people when conducting background checks on new prospective employees. 
As you can see, there are many possibilities and opportunities that lead to the reasons why private investigators find someone. Now, let’s take a look at the ways private investigators find someone. 

How private investigators find someone

As mentioned before, private investigators use databases to find people. These databases are proprietary and contain all kinds of information on people. These databases are not open to the general public and private investigators have access to them because they go through a rigorous exam and licensing process. 

Here are the many ways private investigators find someone: 

  1. Databases – the databases private investigators use contain all kinds of information including someone’s indentifying information and evern their driver’s license information. These databases will also contain every address where someone lived. 
  2. Utility Services – If you’re paying an electric bill, that’s most likely where you’re living and a private investigator will be able to contact utility services to find someone. 
  3. Postal Service – one was private investigators find someone is to use information from the Post Office. 
  4. Neighbors – if you’ve moved recently, an old neighbor might know where you’ve moved to. When private investigators find someone they often talk to neighbors to get information. 
  5. Social Media  – when private investigators find someone they often search through social media profiles, using the pictures, friends lists, and posts to narrow down where someone is. 
  6. DMV – private investigators find someone by searching through DMV records for a vehicle registered to someone. 
  7. Courthouses – private investigators find someone by looking through court records for cases that mention someone’s name. 

When you hire private investigators to find someone, a professional private investigator will they search very hard to find that person for you. Everyone has a “footprint”, even if they’re trying to stay below the radar. It’s almost impossible to hide, and anyone can be found if enough effort and resources are put into the search. 

If you are looking for affordable licensed private investigators find someone with 20 years of experience in locating people  and finding people and investigations and assisting individuals, attorneys and corporations feel free to contact us here. You can also view a portion of our extensive client list here, and see here what actual clients say about Eagle Investigative Services a private investigator in Atlanta, Georgia.

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