How much do child custody investigators cost

How much do child custody investigators cost


How much do child custody investigators cost?

Child custody investigators work on cases where children are at risk. Usually, the children are being neglected and/or abused by a parent. Sometimes, they’re being brought around unsavory people or places. These kinds of activities are harmful to the children and that’s where child custody investigators get involved.

Usually, one parent wants the bad behavior of the other parent to stop and they know the only way they can get it to stop is to get the courts to order it. Then, they have to hire an attorney to fight their case for them and if the attorney requires more evidence, then a child custody investigator is brought in, and this is usually a private investigator who specializes in child custody cases.

Just like other service professionals, private investigators charge money for the services they provide to their clients. When it actually comes time to hire a child custody investigator for your case, you may very well ask the question,

“So, how much do child custody investigators cost?”

The answer is really based on what it is the child custody investigator actually does for you and depends on what services they provide to you. Private investigator hourly rates vary from $25 to over $250.00 per hour depending on what types of services they offer. Some private investigators charge a flat fee for investigations and these fees can vary from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the amount of time and effort the private investigator has to put into the investigation.

What are the services a child custody investigator might provide?

The services a private investigator might provide in a child custody case will vary in every situation because everybody lives different lives and have different habits and schedules. Generally, the services will break down as follows:

  1. Neighbor canvass – if the children play with other children in the neighborhood, other parents and neighbors might have valuable information about the welfare of the children in question. A skilled private investigator conducting interviews of neighbors can uncover vital information about the lifestyle of the children. Often, children will confess to other adults when there’s abuse happening inside the house. A private investigator skillful in interviews can extract this information from neighbors and associates.
  2. Background checks – sometimes the custodial parent gets in trouble after a divorce. They sometimes get alcohol related convictions for driving drunk. In some cases they get a new boyfriend or girlfriend and this person will be spending time around your children. A private investigator can conduct background checks on these people to ensure your children are safe.
  3. Monitoring – a private investigator can video tape the custodial parent as they interact with the children and document rough-housing, abuse and neglect. This evidence becomes crucial in a child custody case.

As you can see, while a private investigator may cost you money, it pales in comparison to the welfare of your child. You can’t put a price on your child’s safety.

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