Hiring a private investigator for custody-

Hiring a private investigator for custody

Hiring a private investigator for custody? What you should know.

If you’re in a custody battle over your children it’s because you want to either get more custody of your children or somehow limit the custody of the other parent. Parents fight over custody of their children for many reasons:


  • Drugs/Alcohol Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Mental Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Jealousy


Yes, some parents fight over their kids just to get back at the other parent. It’s sad, but it happens. Usually though, parents who are caught up in a custody battle (funny how it’s always called a “battle”) are trying to create a better environment for their children. They are scared their children are being negatively affected by the other parent.


When this happens, they usually consult an attorney for advice on how to proceed with a custody modification to protect their children. This is a big step for most people and it can be an expensive one. If your attorney feels the matter will end up in a trial in court, the attorney will ask you to gather evidence to support the claims you are making regarding your children. The attorney will ask you to provide documentation and proof that the issues you are experiencing are true. If you say, “My ex is leaving the kids with his mother and going out to bars when he has visitation”, the attorney will tell you that in order to show the court this is happening, you’ll have to provide solid proof. Your word or accusation is not good enough proof.


In cases where you have no solid proof of what is happening with your children, your attorney may suggest hiring a private investigator to gather the proof that you need.


Private investigators are considered third-party non-biased witnesses and private investigators can document and present evidence in a court of law in a way that supports your case.


If you say your ex is leaving the kids and going out drinking, a private investigator can use several surveillance techniques to document these activities and to video record these activities. They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. One second of video contains about 30 pictures, so video is the most effective evidence you can obtain in order to provide proof.


If you say you think your ex’s new boyfriend/girlfriend is a danger to your kids then a private investigator can use a combination of surveillance and background checks to support your claims and they can then present this evidence in court on your behalf.


If you think your ex is not feeding your children properly the private investigator can provide proof of this by retrieving the trash/garbage from the residence. In the trash, they’ll find old food packaging as well as receipts for food. Many times they’ll find empty alcohol bottles and pill bottles and prescriptions.


Hiring a private investigator for custody is a very good idea if you want to fully protect your children.


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