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Child custody private investigations: What you need to know!

Child custody private investigation: are you involved in a child custody dispute? Here are some things you need to know if you are currently battling with your child’s parent for custody. If you are in a court battle for custody, you should expect that the other party might hire a private investigator. You might also be advised to hire a private investigator if you’re making claims against the other parent. Here’s what you need to know….

Child custody private investigations: The basics

Arguments over the welfare of a child (or children) often turn nasty. One parent accuses the other parent of doing something (or not doing something) and when this “something” involves the child’s safety, wellbeing, or welfare the fight can become intense. 

It’s often at this point one party will talk to an attorney to see what can be done about the parent who is doing/not doing what they’re supposed to. 

The attorney will help the parent evaluate their claims and when serious enough they will advise the parent to hire a private investigator to gather evidence of the claims they are making. Usually, the attorney will have experience working with a competent private investigator that they will recommend to you. 

What to child custody private investigators look for?

Child custody private investigations center around the welfare and wellbeing of the child. Child custody private investigators will gather evidence to show that one of the parents is not taking proper care of the child/children. 

Skilled child custody private investigators know what to look for and will have experience in presenting the evidence they obtain in a courtroom setting. In many cases, the evidence presented by the private investigator is the tipping point for the courts to decide who gets custody. 

The role of the child custody private investigators is very important. Here are some of the things child custody private investigators look for when documenting evidence : 

Are the children/child being abandoned?  – some parents will dump their children with grandparents when it’s their turn to have custody of the child/children. Even worse, in come cases the parent will leave the kids alone! Child custody private investigations will document evidence of this using video surveillance and interviews. They will build a comprehensive case showing the abandonment when they present this evidence in court. 

Are the children/child being neglected? – sometimes a parent will be present during the child custody time but won’t be spending time with the children. Child custody private investigations will document this behavior using video surveillance. 

Are the children/child being put in danger?  – when one parent starts to date again after a divorce, they often don’t check the background of the new person they’re dating. This private investigation agency has documented felons and child molesters being exposed to children during custody visits. Child custody private investigations involve running background checks on all the people involved in a child’s life. 

Are the children/child safe? – child custody private investigations examine whether or not the child/children are safe in general. Kids can get up to all kinds of mischief and the private investigator will document when they are not being properly supervised by a parent. 

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