What to Do

Steps To Take When You Think You Are Being Bugged

First – contact a private investigator

When you suspect that you may be the victim of covert eavesdropping:

Watch what you say at home or at the office (Keep Quiet and never discuss your concerns inside, outside, or near any suspect facility). If you need to discuss this issue with someone, DON’T do it at the office, your auto, or home.

Never call Eagle Investigative Services from any phone near your office, or your residence. Instead call from a randomly chosen pay phone that is 5- 10 miles away for the initial contact (payphones at hospitals, airports, large hotels, train stations, and other large public areas are a good choice). Private telephones in the homes of senior executives are popular and valuable targets for an eavesdropper, so do not call from home.

Never call from any type of cordless phone, cellular telephone, PCS phone, or any other type of wireless device. Also, do not trust any type of spread spectrum telephone or fax machine as they are very easy to monitor (with a $50 circuit).

You can contact us via email, but only to set up an appointment for a phone consultation (where you call from a pay phone). Do not mention in the mail, your suspicions of covert activity. We will then schedule a Vulnerability Analysis and Threat Assessment as soon as possible.

Always try to handle the logistics of the inspection away from your office.


  • Be Calm…
  • DO Immediately contact Eagle Investigative Services from a remote phone line (preferably a pay-phone)
  • DO Use Electronic Mail (e-mail) to setup initial meetings
  • DO Use the phone, but call from a phone away from your office or home.
  • DO Schedule a Vulnerability Analysis and Threat Assessment ASAP
  • DO Consider having a Full Counter Surveillance Sweep completed ASAP


  • DO NOT Try to find the eavesdropping device yourself
  • DO NOT Contact the telephone company to help (their services are ineffective)
  • DO NOT Contact the FBI/Secret Service to help (they will ignore private cases)
  • DO NOT Try to get the local police to help (they lack the ability and the experience)
  • DO NOT Use your office telephone to initiate contact regarding this matter
  • DO NOT Use your cellular or cordless phone to contact or discuss this matter
  • DO NOT Discuss this matter at the office, in your car, or at home
  • DO NOT Buy spy shop bug detectors (they’re worthless, and a scam)

If you feel you have been bugged or have any questions, please contact us and provide us with as much information as you have about your situation. Since all cases are unique, the design and procedure of the investigation can be discussed without obligation or charge. All consultations are free and considered with strict confidentiality/ 

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