Executive Protection

We value human life above all else, giving first priority to all situations which threaten our clients. The protection of human life is the primary reason for the creation and ongoing operation of our executive protection division.

We specialize in corporate, death threats, stalking, harassment, escorts and VIP protection.

Our Executive Protection division in Atlanta is comprised of highly trained personnel who mastered protective operations. We take all necessary steps and measures to minimize or eliminate all risks including hazards, harassment, threats, and confidentiality breaches. This allows us to establish a safe area and secure the premises for our client. For our VIP clients, we take measures to ensure that your public appearances do not become a PR nightmare or invite too much unwanted attention.

Eagle Investigative Services elite Personal Protection/Bodyguard Division provided Protective Services for:

  •  Diplomats
  •  Corporate Executives
  •  Politicians
  •  Witnesses in high profile court cases
  •  Any person with the need for Protective Services

We handle all our clients with the strictest confidentiality and professionalism. We are vigilant to the client’s concerns and needs, while armed with the foresight to plan for every possibility to minimize the client’s exposure to risk.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with Security of the highest quality and professionalism they deserve.

We can arrange your Transportation, Home Accommodations, etc, while providing you with a security detail of professionally trained agents who are registered and certified with The Department of Criminal Justice Service.

All of our agents maintain Certification in, Handgun, Baton and Pepper spray.

For more information about how our service can be helpful in making you feel safer, and can help you stop unwanted attention or harassment, contact us and provide us with as much information as you have about your situation.

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