what does a custody investigator do

What does a custody investigator do in Atlanta?

What does a custody investigator do? Child custody investigators can be the most important factor in any child custody dispute and can be crucial when it comes time to present evidence in a court of law. So, what does a custody investigator do? Read on to find out. 

What does a custody investigator do?

Custody investigators gather evidence about the welfare of a child and usually present this evidence in court so the court can decide which parent can have majority custody of a child or children. A child custody investigator’s testimony and evidence can sway a court one way or the other when it comes to a child custody dispute. 

What do they investigate?

What does a child custody investigator do when it comes time to actually investigate a case? Well, they will use several criteria and areas to investigate and these fall into the following general categories: 

  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Mistreatment
  • Endangerment
  • Welfare
What does a custody investigator do with these areas? They investigate the child in each of these areas and make determinations on what they observe. They will often use several different techniques and methods to gather evidence in each of these areas. We’ll examine each one in detail. 

How does a child custody investigator investigate?

To discuss how what the child custody investigator actually does to investigate each of these areas we must examine what they might expect to find in these areas. Let’s run through them one by one: 

Abuse – it’s an unfortunate reality that some parents abuse their children. This type of cowardly abuse affects a child for the rest of their life. Sometimes the only way to stop this kind of bullying abuse is to get the courts and the authorities involved. This is where a child custody investigator comes in. They will observe, document and record the state of the child while they are conducting an investigation. If they see signs of abuse they will report it immediately. 

Neglect – some parents simply don’t want to take care of their kids. They fight to get time with their kids only to dump them with grandparents, or in some extreme cases leave them completely alone. What does a custody investigator do in a case like this? They make sure that the children are safe and report the neglect to the courts. 

Mistreatment – while this might not quite be abuse parents who yell and push their kids are considered to be mistreating them. Where possible a child custody investigator will obtain video evidence of this mistreatment and will often interview neighbors and teachers to see whether they can provide any insight. What can a child custody investigator do if they see excessive mistreatment? They can call the authorities to report the abuser and then testify in court against them. 

Endangerment – when one parent brings unsavory people around their children they might be considered to be placing the children in danger. Often, parents don’t consider who they’re introducing to their children. The people they’re introducing to their children might be convicted felons or child molesters. 

Welfare – what does a custody investigator do about the general welfare of a child? They can retrieve trash from a trash can to examine the types of meals the children are having, or whether excessive alcohol is being consumed in the house where the children are staying. 

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