what do private investigators do for child custody

What do private investigators do for child custody?

What do private investigators do for child custody? Private detectives who work on child custody investigations are pivotal witnesses to abuse, neglect and other dangers a parent might place a child in. The evidence they gather can be the difference between a parent keeping or losing custody of their child

What do private investigators
do for child custody?

Private detectives who specialize in child custody investigations know the ins and outs of what it takes to prove to a court that a child might be better off with one parent over the other. What they actually do in these types of cases is gather evidence to be presented in court. 

Not all private detectives work on child custody cases. These cases are usually very emotionally charged because there are children involved and some PIs just don’t want to deal with these levels of emotion. When one parent knows their child is being potentially mistreated by the other parent they are usually angry, disturbed and very emotional about the situation. It takes a special type of PI to work under these circumstances. 

What kind of evidence do they gather?

While every case is different, evidence gathered in a child custody case usually falls into a few specific categories. It is when one of these categories fall into question that an attorney might advise one parent to hire a private investigator to work on the case. 

The areas a PI will look at when requested to investigate the welfare of the child are: 

  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Endangerment 
  • General Welfare

How do they gather the evidence
in these cases?

Let’s examine each area in detail and let’s go over how a private investigator gathers evidence to support a child custody investigation. 

Abuse – some parents are rough with their kids. This might stem from growing up in a household where they might have been physically punished. In today’s world, this type of punishment is not only frowned upon, it might also be illegal. Private investigators can interview the children, the parents, neighbors, and other family members to get accounts of what the child goes through. These interviews can then be presented in court. 

Neglect – neglect can take a couple of different forms. Some parents feel that they don’t have to spend their allotted custody time with their children and then “dump” the kids with the grandparents. While most grandparents love their kids and are more than happy to take them for, say, the weekend, this is not what custody time is designed for. 

Other parents just don’t get involved with their childs’ lives and let their kids wander around the neighborhood where they’re likely to get into mischief. 

Private investigators gather evidence of this by conducting surveillance and then playing the video for the court when the case goes to trial. 

Endangerment – the children can be placed in danger in several ways. The custodial parent might drive at excessive speed while the kids are in their care. They may introduce the kids to a new love interest and this love interest might have an extensive and troubling criminal history. The private investigator can run both criminal and civil background checks on the new love interest to make sure your child is not being exposed to a dangerous person. 

General Welfare – sometimes a parent wants their child to attend religious events and the other parent doesn’t want to take the time to do this. One parent might also require their child to have dietary restrictions for medical or other reasons. When the other parent doesn’t abide by these wishes the child can become ill. Private investigators gather evidence of this by retrieving the trash and this is sometimes where they find even more evidence than just how the children are being fed. 

This agency once worked on case where one parent would encourage the children to steal from stores and this parent would also teach the kids how to steal meals from restaurants. Through extensive surveillance and investigation this agency was able to secure the arrest of the parent who was encouraging his children to steal. 


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