What can private investigators find out?

What can private investigators find out?

What can private investigators find out?

What can private investigators find out? Private investigators have been around since the early 1800s when in 1833, Eugène François Vidocq, a French soldier, criminal, and privateer, founded the first known private detective agency. Since then, private investigators have been the subject of crime novels, movies, TV thrillers, and plays. Whenever the character of a private investigator is introduced, there is alway an aura of mystery about what they can do. You always wonder just how far their abilities can go, and what can private investigators find out? 

More than you think!

Private investigators have access to many different sources of information and they use these sources of information to develop leads and evidence for any case they’re working. What can private investigators find out about the information you might be looking for? Just about anything your heart desires, but they won’t always release this information to you. Private Investigators have an ethical responsibility to be careful about who gets what information. The age of privacy is dead and this has never been more true than when it comes to the information available to a private investigator. Let’s examine the different areas a private investigator can work in and what they can find out: 

What can private investigators find out about missing persons?

  • Their name
  • Their date of birth
  • Their Social Security Number
  • Their last known and all previous addresses
  • Their current and previous phone numbers
  • Their current and previous email addresses
  • Their social media accounts
  • Whether they are in financial trouble (collections, judgments)
  • Who their relatives are 
  • Who their common associates are

What can private investigators find out about cheating spouses?

  • Who they’re cheating with
  • Where they’re meeting their lover
  • What they’ve been saying to their lover
  • When they plan to meet their lover again 

What can private investigators find out about background checks?

  • Criminal histories including arrests 
  • Civil cases involving anyone in the United States
  • Whether someone has been a witness in case
  • How many times the police were called to an address 
  • Whether someone has a gun permit 
  • Whether someone has a drinking or drug problem

What can private investigators find out about alimony modification?

  • Whether someone is spending the night
  • How often they are spending the night 
  • Whether they have utilities in their name
  • Whether they have access to the children

What can private investigators find out about child custody?

  • Are the children safe? 
  • Are the children being treated properly
  • Are the children being exposed to criminals
  • Is the parent spending the correct amount of time with the children
  • Are the children eating properly? 
  • Are the children happy being with the parent? 

What can private investigators find out
about workers compensation fraud?

  • Is the claimant working? 
  • Is the claimant able to ambulate and live a normal life? 
  • Where the claimant goes
  • Who they hang out with
  • How often they leave their residence
  • What their neighbors have to say 
  • What their co-workers have to say

The above is just a small sample of what private investigators can find out. The question isn’t, “What can private investigators find out?” but rather, “Is there anything a private investigators can’t find out?” 

Well, the answer to that last questions is, not a lot. 

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