Are private investigators hired for internet crimes?

Are private investigators hired for internet crimes?

Private investigators hired for internet crimes tackle many different high-tech scenarios.

Private investigators have really moved with the times. Just go to any private investigator training website and you’ll see links to OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) courses. Technology advances happen almost daily and private investigators who want to do well will not let themselves be left behind.

So just why are private investigators hired for internet crimes? Well, one of the main reasons is their experience and training in taking real world scenarios and applying them to the digital or online world. Some examples of these kinds of cases:

  1. Cheating cases – it’s rare that a cellphone or computer isn’t used to communicate with lovers. Traces of these communications can be gathered (even from deleted data!) to prove an affair. Private investigators also look at internet history to prove pornography addictions.
  2. Runaway kids – kids nowadays are glued to social media. Using OSINT research a private investigator can track the activities of a runaway through the social media profiles of their friends. It’s even possible to download an entire social media account for review.
  3. Identity theft – the owner of this private investigation agency in Atlanta had his identity stolen and the thief established another (illegal) private investigation agency under his name. The owner had to use online databases and old fashioned detective work to determine who had stolen his information and where they lived.
  4. Competitive Intelligence – companies are always competing for business. Sometimes they believe that knowing more about their competitors business will give them the upper hand they need to succeed. This is where a private investigator comes in. Private investigators do everything from monitoring online profiles to digging through trash to gather information on companies and employees.
  5. Employee fraud – employees can get into a lot of trouble on company computers and a private investigator can create a report of this for their employer.
  6. Workers Comp Fraud – when a worker claims they are injured and can’t work, but a private investigator finds online profiles for them and/or their friends where they’re out golfing, wind surfing or doing some other strenuous task, that evidence is then used to dismiss their fraudulent claim.
  7. Accounting Fraud – private investigators often partner with forensic accountants to determine whether employees are stealing cash from a company, or are sending corporate secrets out to competitors.
  8. Locating people – private investigators use proprietary data sources and open source intelligence research to locate people. They use these databases to find out as much as they can about people and get phone numbers, last known address and a list of all the relatives of that person.
  9. Online Shopping Fraud – it happens every day that someone buys something from someone else and sends the money for the item they purchased, only to have the seller disappear and never send the item. Private investigators can track this person down and see that they are prosecuted to the extent of the law.

So, instead of asking the question, “Are private investigators hired for internet crimes?” ask yourself, have I been a victim of an internet scam such as identity theft, bullying or fraud? If so, you may not know which way to turn. A private investigator can be the key to getting your life back.

If you are looking for an affordable licensed private investigator, with 20 years of experience assisting individuals, attorneys and corporations feel free to contact us here. You can also view a portion of our extensive client list here, and see what actual clients say about us here.

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