Deadbeat Dads and Moms

Children Denied Financial Assistance

“Children denied financial assistance are among our most vulnerable citizens. They are more likely to have health concerns, develop problems with teenage pregnancy, drop out of high school, and engage in violence. By prosecuting parents who do not provide support, we will help give these children a better chance in life.”

Attorney General Janet Reno

Dealing with Deadbeat Dads and Moms? If you are owed court ordered family support (child support, spousal support, medical support, or educational support), Eagle Investigative Services can help. We locate missing parents and collect and enforce court ordered support payments.

We can get child support payments started, and keep them going. No matter where in the United States you or the absent parent live – Eagle Investigative Services is here to help you.

Collect Back Child Support

Our collection staff, nationwide network of attorneys, state-of-the-art systems and excellent professional staff are all here to make sure you get what you deserve. If we do not collect back child support for you, we do not get paid, regardless of whether we have to litigate and incur court costs.

For us to help you collect the back child support that is owed to you, you will need to have:

  • A Divorce decree or Court Order which clearly states how much was to be paid to you.
  • A minimum balance of $2500 owed to you in unpaid child support. (The $2500 minimum balance must all be owed to you. If you have received welfare, ADC or TANF in the past, and some of your back support is assigned to the state, at least $2500 must be owed to you to qualify.)
  • You cannot currently be receiving a cash grant from the state in the form of Public Assistance, TANF, ADC, or Welfare.

Thousands of Parents Helped

Our success is based upon a very aggressive, yet professional approach to collecting child support:

  • We do not charge any up front fees to collect delinquent child support. We’re motivated to perform and only get paid when you do.
  • We continue to collect until your arrearage is paid in full.
  • Even if the child is now over 18, we can collect for you. Many states have no statute of limitations on collecting child support arrearages.
  • If your child support case has been “closed” by a government agency many times we can still collect for you.
  • Each case is assigned a collection specialist, supported by a client service representative, who is your contact for all your child support issues.
  • Our collection specialists maintain low case loads, so as to pay adequate time and attention to your case.
  • Eagle Investigative Services nationwide network of attorneys provides your family a powerful collection tool. Eagle Investigative Services reaches across state lines to any jurisdiction providing families the support they deserve. These litigation actions include income withholding, bank account and asset attachment, property foreclosures and contempt of court proceedings.
  • In most states, Eagle Investigative Services can collect interest on your case.
  • We operate state-of-the-art computer systems and cutting edge technology for collection.

Thousands of parents, just like you, have turned to Eagle Investigative Services for help in collecting their delinquent child support. Dealing with Deadbeat Dads and Moms? Not anymore.

Do you need our help now? Click on Info Request and provide us with as much information as you have about your situation.

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