How much to hire a private investigator for cheating?

How much to hire a private investigator for cheating?

You have that gut feeling your spouse or partner is cheating on you.

You can’t account for time they’re not in the house and when you ask them about it, they give you an answer you don’t believe. They’ve started to dress differently or take better care of how they look when they leave the house.

Maybe your relationship with them is not what it used to be. Maybe you’re not as intimate as you were when you first met. When this happens you start to worry that your spouse is cheating. After all, if they’re not spending time with you, they must be spending time with someone else.

And there’s always the possibility you are completely wrong. Maybe you’ve just drifted apart and some counselling might clear the air. Counselling might revive your love for each other and fix the problem you’re currently experiencing.

But maybe you’ve suggested counselling to your spouse and they’ve shut the idea down. Maybe they’ve heard your request and then absolutely and flat out refused to go for counselling with you. This is a bad sign and now you’re asking yourself if you should hire a professional private investigator to look into what your spouse is up to.

So, you look to the internet or you call an attorney and ask them about hiring a private investigator. Most times, they won’t be much help. The internet is a sea of information and the more you look at it the more confusing it becomes. On this site we’ve given you plenty of information regarding what you should look for in hiring a private investigator but invariably you always come up with the question:

How much to hire a private investigator for cheating?

The answer to this question is best answered by breaking down the different aspects to hiring a private investigator for your situation:

      1. How much of a retainer will the private investigator need?
      2. What is their hourly rate?
      3. What specialized tools will they use to assist you?
      4. Will a GPS tracker be used and do you have to buy it, or can you rent it?
      5. How will the private investigator charge for mileage and travel time?
      6. Will they charge for phone calls, emails or text messages? How much?
      7. Do they charge for final reports and video production?
      8. Do they charge for court testimony if your case goes to court?

These are all facets of the cost to hiring a private investigator and they are all questions you should ask a private investigator you plan to work with. Most private investigators will have a contract, and the experienced ones will have these costs spelled out clearly either in their contract or an addendum to their contract.

If these costs aren’t broken down in a contract you’re about to sign, then ask the private investigator to prepare a separate document outlining these costs which you both sign. This way, you don’t get surprised by any hidden charges or items you didn’t consider at the start.

Most private investigators are decent people but there are charlatans, just like in any other business. Being prepares with the right questions and information will let you stay in control and not be taken by surprise and you’ll always have an answer to the question, “How much to hire a private investigator for cheating?”

If you are looking for an affordable private investigator, with 20 years of experience assisting individuals, attorneys and corporations feel free to contact us here. You can also view a portion of our extensive client list here, and see what actual clients say about us here.

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