How can a private investigator help with child custody?

How can a private investigator help with child custody?

For a variety of cases, a child custody private investigator is required. There are times when a child’s health and safety are called into question. You can assess the treatment of a child by the parents in question by working with a child custody investigator. In a court of law, the private investigator can provide evidence as well as a detailed report.

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Each investigation at Eagle is tailored to the facts of the actual case. Whatever your worries are, one of our skilled investigators will jump right into the investigation using the latest technologies and techniques to get you the evidence you need.

We’ll offer a variety of services to make sure you have all the proof you need to build a legal case. With our assistance, you and your attorney may be able to acquire a legal protective order or a court judgement that meets your needs when it comes to the protection of your children. 

Child Custody Private Investigator - What Can
They Do For You?

As previously said, we provide a variety of services that can assist with an investigation. The specific ones we employ will be determined by the customer and the circumstances of your unique situation.

Before the investigation begins, everything will be discussed in the strictest confidence. Here are some of the services that our private investigator for child custody can provide:

Background Checks

A background check is required in many situations as part of the overall investigation.

Perhaps your child is being raised by a parent who lives with someone who has a shady history.

Our investigative team can run a background check to look for any criminal history if you’re worried if they’re fit to be around your child.


Surveillance is an important aspect of our child custody investigations. Naturally, we keep a close eye on the people who are caring after your child.

This is usually done after a background check, especially if there is proof of a criminal record.

However, we provide surveillance as a stand-alone service because it is the most effective approach to track a child and watch how they are handled. We can monitor the other parent’s interaction with the child and obtain video evidence of all their activities. 

We can gather a lot of hardcore evidence that will help your case if you have to go to court.


If you need to find someone who has gone missing, skiptracing is a must. If someone goes missing, a child custody private investigator may be required to perform this service.

This could be a runaway child or a spouse or carer who may have first-hand knowledge of the child’s treatment.

Regardless, we use our knowledge and our advanced technical skills to figure out where this individual is and how to contact them.

Many people will try to flee town if they suspect they are being probed. When there are child custody issues, it’s also not uncommon for a partner to flee.

For example, one parent may be compelled to pay child support to the other and attempt to flee to evade this obligation.

We can also assist you with litigation support, asset checks, and the compilation of court and attorney reports.

All of this is included in our complete child custody investigations, which you may adapt to your individual situation if that is necessary.

We’re always eager to assist you in achieving your goals when it comes to the protection of your child!

How Can A Child Custody Private Investigator Help You Solve Your Case?

Our investigation services are beneficial in resolving a variety of child custody disputes.

The most evident is the question of child custody.

Assume you and a former partner are fighting over who should have custody of your children. In that instance, you can employ a private investigator for child custody to gather evidence against them. We can undertake criminal history checks and surveillance to assemble any relevant evidence if you are concerned that they are unable to care for your child. We can assist you in taking the evidence to court and presenting it on your behalf with a full report if it turns out that they are unfit to keep custody.

We can also assist with divorce-related difficulties. This usually refers to child custody, although it can also refer to child support. Our asset checks, which are included in our background checks, are especially useful if a former spouse argues that he or she does not have enough money to pay child support. This is an incredibly popular excuse, usually with the goal of either avoiding or significantly reducing child support payments. We can look into their assets to discover if they’re being truthful. We will assist you in locating any evidence that they have property or other investments that could be used to pay child support.

Of course, we use our child custody investigations to look for any evidence that can be used in your divorce case. You may feel threatened around your ex-spouse and demand that they not see your child. A private investigator can perform background checks and surveillance in this scenario to prove any allegations.

Furthermore, in cases of child abuse, a child custody investigator is required to investigate who is the perpetrator of the abuse.

A child’s health and safety are of paramount importance.

If you feel that abuse is taking place, we will launch a full-scale inquiry to find out what’s going on.

The protection of a child is always our top priority, thus we will do everything we can to stay discreet and prevent jeopardizing their safety.


Why Choose Eagle As
Your Child Custody Private Investigator?

We’ve provided private investigation services for a variety of families and people over the past 20 years.

We recognize that a child custody investigation is a very delicate topic that must be handled with care.

As part of this investigation, our team is well prepared and trained to deliver a wide range of services.

We personalize the investigation to your unique problems, regardless of what they are.

If you only require a single service, we will be happy to provide it. We can also combine investigative services into a comprehensive package if necessary.

Eagle has been in business since 2001 and only employs the most professional private investigators on its staff.

We also have licensed professional attorneys on call who can assist with all legal matters. You can rest assured that your case is in excellent hands, as evidenced by our client testimonials here.

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