How can a private investigator help with child custody?

How can a private investigator help: child custody?

How can a private investigator help with child custody?

If you’re in a situation where you are thinking about child custody matters, you’re probably either getting divorced or are already divorced. You also have a child or children and you’re worried about their welfare. You feel in your gut that the other parent isn’t the ideal person to take care of your kids and you have doubts about what they will do when the children are in their care. Millions of people are of the same mind frame and that’s why there are such things are child custody cases and child custody investigations.

When you’re dealing with a child custody investigation it’s most likely you are also dealing with an attorney. You will have discussed your concerns with your attorney and it’s very possible your attorney has asked you to provide evidence to prove the claims you are making are true.

In many cases, you’ll have enough evidence to proceed with a child custody case, but your attorney will tell you if you don’t and will make recommendations that you obtain evidence to support your case. When this happens, the attorney will probably also refer you to a professional private investigator who can help you gather evidence for your case.

So how can a private investigator help with child custody?

A private investigator’s primary job is to gather evidence for you to support your case so that you can prevail in court when it comes time to bring your child custody case in front of a judge. There are many factors that go into the care of a child (as you’re well aware if you’re a parent) and when the other party doesn’t consider these factors a priority then the situation becomes less satisfactory for the children. We will discuss some of these factors and how and private investigator can help:


When a parent has custody of their children, they’re expected to make it a priority to spend time with their children, especially if the custody time is limited. If the parent decides to use their custody time for themselves and leave the children with relatives or grandparents, then they’re not spending maximum time with their children. A private investigator can help with gathering evidence of this by placing the parent under surveillance and documenting just how much time they spend with the children.

Alcohol Use

If a parent uses alcohol excessively, then they’re putting themselves in danger and if they have their children with them, then the children are potentially in danger also. A private detective can document visits to bars and restaurants and using covert video can document how many drinks a parent consumes while they’re with their children. If the parent is one that drinks only at home, the private detective can gather evidence by obtaining the trash from the residence and documenting the empty bottles. DNA analysis of the bottles can also be conducted to further prove who was actually drinking from them.

Narcotics Use

If one parent has a serious addiction to pills a private investigator can gather evidence of this by documenting trips to pharmacies and also possibly by gathering the trash from the house and obtaining empty pill bottles as evidence. Repeated evidence gathering of this type proves the parent has a problem that needs to be addressed and if the children are around this person then extra care must be taken to protect them. If the parent is using illicit or illegal drugs, evidence of this is often found in the trash of the residence. Surveillance can often reveal shady meetings in parking lots or a stream of unknown vehicles coming and going from a residence.

Physical Abuse

With the recent pandemic causing people to be locked down for long periods of time it has caused people’s true natures to be revealed in some alarming ways. Recent reports of child abuse have soared since the start of the pandemic. Child abuse can take many forms, the most common being pushing, spanking, and bullying. If the parent who’s abusing the children does so in public the private detective can gather evidence of this by videotaping the abuse. If the abuse is happening indoors the private investigator can obtain evidence in a couple of ways. One, the other parent can take photos of the bruises. Two, the private investigator can interview neighbors who might have observed the abuse and also teachers who might have noticed something. The private detective can obtain sworn statements from these individuals which can be present in the court hearing regarding the child custody case.

As you can see, these are just three areas a private investigator can assist with a child custody investigation and provide evidence to support your case when it comes time to go to court. Every situation is different and if you talk with a private investigator about your situation they may come up with new ideas and new tactics to get you the evidence you are looking for. The areas discussed above are but a few of the ways a parent can be a bad influence on their child.

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