Hiring a private investigator: stalking

Hiring a private investigator: stalking

Hiring a private investigator: stalking


Stalking is described as unwanted and repeated attention or surveillance or contact by one person to another person. For the person being stalked, it’s a scary situation. To know that someone is focused on you and is watching you can be very unsettling.


In 2002  the U.S. National Center for Victims of Crime issued a report where they described stalking as  “virtually any unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking”, although in practice the legal standard is usually somewhat stricter. In most jurisdictions stalking is considered to be a criminal offense/act.


Yet, if you’re the person being stalked you’re probably living much of your life in the fear. Often you don’t know who your stalker is and this adds to your confusion and cripples you with the “fear of the unknown” which is probably considered to be the greatest fear of them all.


When you don’t know where to turn next, you might consider hiring a private investigator to assist you with your stalking case.

5 ways hiring a private investigator can help with stalking?


There are several ways a private investigator can help with stalking matters. These include:


  • Surveillance  – if you think you’re being followed around and monitored on a regular basis hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance on YOU is the quickest and best way to figure out who’s following you. The private investigator will follow you as you go about your daily business and monitor all people around you and video record all vehicles and their tags. Then at the end of the day, you will review the footage with the private investigator so you can spot patterns and the PI can then identify the people harassing you. An added benefit of this process is the fact that you will have someone “watching your back” at all times and will be keeping you safe.
  • Cameras – a private investigator deals with camera technology on an almost daily basis and can assist you with home security camera installation. They can also provide insight into the latest trends in technology. Hidden cameras are a private investigator’s specialty and because the cameras are hidden your stalker won’t know they’re there!
  • Running license plates – the private investigator working on your stalking case can also run license plates of vehicles you see frequently so you can know who it is that’s around you. Many times, an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend has been caught (illegally) following someone around by using this process.
  • Routines – a private investigator can examine your daily routines and tell you where you’re most vulnerable. You may be doing things or conducting certain activities that make you more susceptible to being stalked. A thorough examination of your daily routine and where you go and why you go there might be the clue to stopping the harassing behavior of a stalker.
  • Basics – a private investigator should tell you to go back to basics. What this means is you limit your online presence and only use the internet when you absolutely have to. The private investigator working on your stalking case will also tell you to ditch your smartphone. Smartphones are extremely susceptible to hacking and corruption and they are usually the stalker’s first target. Going with a simple flip phone eliminates the opportunity for the stalker to harass you by phone.


Hiring a private investigator for your stalking case is one the best first moves to getting your life back on track.

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