Hiring a private investigator for identity theft

Hiring a private investigator for: identity theft. 8 tips.

How to Hirie a private investigator for identity theft . Identity theft is a growing crime that can cripple your life and financial status. When someone opens accounts in your name and spends money that you don’t have it can create a financial crisis for you and your family. Often, the police won’t help out as they have more serious cases to handle and because you usually have such little information about the perpetrator. So, what are you to do in a scenario like this? Many people consider hiring a private investigator for identity theft situations.

How can hiring a private investigator for identity theft help me?

Well, there are a number of ways.

  1. When you see charges on your credit card that aren’t yours you usually freak out and wonder what the heck is going on. A private investigator can help you make sense of these charges and help you talk to your credit card company in a way that can get information from them. Competent private investigators are masters at getting information and they can help you gather the data you need to pursue this person who has stolen your identity. They can be especially helpful in assisting you track down the location of the charges.
  2. Once you have the location of the charges and the names of the establishment where the charges occurred, a private investigator can then go to the establishment and ask questions about the charge. There might be cameras that captured the person making the purchase in your name. The private investigator can help you obtain copies of the video footage.
  3. The private investigator can then canvass local businesses for any purchases made at their places of business by the same identity thief. It’s possible the identity thief stopped at a nearby gas station. There is probably more camera footage available for you to gather as evidence.
  4. The private investigator can see if there are any traffic light, or roadway cameras that might have captured the identity thief.
  5. When interviewing the other places of business the private investigator might obtain a phone number for the identity thief. This phone number can then be used to determine who the phone service carrier is and you can use that to determine the name and address of the phone owner. You now have more evidence to catch your identity thief.
  6. When you have the identity of the thief you can have the private investigator look into their criminal history. They might be very dangerous people and you would want to know this upfront.
  7. Then, when you have all of this information gathered the private investigator can help you bring it to the police in a way that they can then process it without giving you excuses. You’ll have hard facts from the private investigator to show them and they will then be able to create a credible case.
  8. You might have to go to the FBI if the charges happened outside your state. The private investigator can help you with that also.


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So, if your identity has been stolen, don’t be afraid to hire a private investigator for identity theft investigations and assistance in getting your life back on track.

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