Hiring a private investigator for child custody

Hiring a private investigator for child custody

Hiring a private investigator for child custody


Raising a child is both a wonderful and challenging experience. When a couple has a child and they raise it together things usually run smoothly. But it’s when there’s a split, such as a divorce or separation, it seems it’s at these times things can get combative. Suddenly, the parents no longer agree on aspects of the children’s lives and sometimes the fights can turn bitter.


Some things parents fight over in a child custody situation:


  • Time with the child
  • Where the child stays the most
  • Who can be around the child
  • Where the child goes to school
  • What medical treatment the child should receive
  • Who pays for clothes, etc.
  • Whether the child attends religious services (or not)


As you can see, there are several areas where a fight can break out and when these arguments can’t be solved by the parents one or other of them elects to have a court decide what happens with the children. In this case an attorney must get involved and the attorney might recommend hiring a private investigator for child custody.


When this happens it’s usually because the attorney recommends you gather evidence of what is upsetting to you. Attorneys hire private investigators for child custody because private investigators are skilled in gathering evidence in a way that it can be presented in a court of law.


A private investigator hired for child custody cases usually will perform one or more of the following services:


  1. Surveillance – surveillance is the best way to show exactly what’s happening with the children. If the parent is dumping the kids with a grandparent while they go out and party, surveillance will prove this. If the kids are being kept inside and are stuck inside all day, surveillance will prove this to the world.
  2. Background checks  – conducting background checks on the people who are around your children is one way to be sure that your children are not being brought around criminals, and aren’t being influenced by someone you don’t approve of.
  3. GPS tracking  – knowing the whereabouts of your children 24 hours a day is a great step towards knowing they are safe and well. GPS tracking can also reveal habits you might not approve of and places you don’t want your children to go to.
  4. Trash “dives”  – going through the trash of the other parent can reveal problems that you never thought existed. Discarded alcohol bottles can reveal a drinking problem and discarded prescription bottles can reveal an addiction or pill habit that could be harmful to your kids. Trash dives also reveal what is eaten in the house and you’ll be able to tell whether your children are eating a healthy diet or have a diet that consists of junk food.

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