Hiring a private investigator for: child custody case

Hiring a private investigator for: child custody case

Hiring a private investigator for: child custody case


Child custody cases are legal cases that involve the welfare of a child, or children. Sometimes parents can agree on every aspect of a child custody case and many times they end up in a fight. These kinds of cases are usually fought between the parents of a child. One parent will argue that they should have more time with the child and the other parent will argue that THEY should have more time. Arguments also break out over child support payments and who pays what to whom. Sometimes, the arguments break out because one party wants to receive more money and the other party doesn’t want to pay it. 


The arguments can break out over where the child goes to school or where and how they receive any necessary medical treatment. The arguments can literally be about anything and the sad part is that while the parents are fighting the child is usually the one that suffers. The child has to listen to the parents quarrel and often the children sadly become pawns in a fighting match between the parents. 


In many cases, there are legitimate concerns expressed by one or both parents. One of the parents might have a drinking, or a prescription pill addiction. One of the parents might be neglectful of the child, or worse be physically or mentally abusive to the child. 


In situations where the child is being neglected or is being subjected to some sort of severe trauma, one parent will usually fight their hardest to ensure the child spends as little time with the other parent as possible. But, in order to accomplish this, they must be able to show proof of the activities to the court. It’s then that people often look into hiring a private investigator for child custody. 

How can hiring a private investigator for child custody help? 4 ways


There are several ways hiring a private investigator for child custody case can help you. These include: 


  • Criminal Background Checks – many times, parents are unaware that their former spouse has a criminal record! A private investigator can run a comprehensive background check on anyone associated with the child in order to determine whether they are fit to be around the child.
  • Documenting neglect –  if one parent leaves the children alone while they go do other things, this creates a very dangerous environment for the children. Without adult supervision children can place themselves in harm’s way and worse, someone who knows the parent won’t be around could harm the children. In many cases, the parent drops the kids off with grandparents while they go about their own business. This shows they’re more interested in having a good time than in taking care of the kids. A private investigator can document this for the courts. 
  • Documenting abuse – parents can become frustrated with their kids for any number of reasons. Only a few take out this frustration in the form of physical abuse. A private investigator can video record these instances of abuse so they can be terminated as soon as possible. This type of evidence is very compelling in a court scenario. 
  • Document living habits – it’s not the nicest job in the world, but private investigators go through people’s trash looking for evidence. Often they find empty alcohol bottles, empty prescription bottles, food boxes, marijuana and anything you can think of in discarded trash. These trash “treasures” can tell a very compelling story about what life is like inside the house where the children are staying. 


So, it’s fair to say that hiring a private investigator for a child custody case is a wise move, especially if you’re trying to protect your child from someone, or something that is placing them in danger. You owe it to your children. 

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