Do they hire private investigators for disability claims?

Do they hire private investigators for disability claims?

Disability fraud is rampant in the United States. Insurance companies pay out billions of dollars a year and a recent television documentary exposed some alarming numbers. The documentary stated that out of the total disability claims about 1-2% (or more) of them are fraudulent. That’s over 2.7 MILLION fraudulent cases, potentially.

With the volume of fraudulent cases rising every year, insurance companies are looking to save on paying out on these fraudulent claims. Many insurance companies now have internal investigations units known as Special Investigation Units (SIU) and these units are dedicated to flushing out fraudulent claims by using investigative processes and methodology.

But these SIU personnel can’t be everywhere and with the rise in disability claim fraud they look to outsource this work to others in areas they can’t cover. In many cases they look to private investigators in the local area of the fraud to assist in catching the fraud. So the answer to the question, “Do they hire private investigators for disability claims?” is a definite YES.

So what do these private investigators do to uncover disability claims? There are a number of areas where a private investigator can provide value:

  1. Face to Face recorded statements – These can be used to not only verify facts but also assess the viability and believability of a claimant or witness. It can allow for further photographs and documentation of a scene or an injury.
  2. Workers Compensation Claims – injuries can occur “on the job” and these are called Arising Out of Employment (AOE) clams. They can also be described as occurring during the Course of Employment (COE). In either case, a private investigator can not only obtain all the facts, but can also gauge the credibility of those involved.
  3. Scene Investigations – a private investigator can determine if there any cameras that might have captured the injury, or whether there are other witnesses that weren’t already questioned. They can examine the terrain, floor and other areas for anomalies or other abnormalities that may have contributed to the injury.
  4. Activity Checks – also known as Alive and Well Checks these investigations determine if the claimant is living where they said they were and since it’s an investigation of the area it will also determine just how easy or hard surveillance of the fraudulent claimant might be. Some claimants are placed on total disability. This should be verified by a private investigator to be the case.
  5. Property Investigations – these include everything from a tree falling on a property to a dog bite. Knowing how and where to look is the key to a private investigator determining true liability in cases like these.
  6. Surveillance – when it is determined that a disability claim is potentially fraudulent, one of the best ways to prove it is to obtain video footage of the claimant doing things they claim they can’t. This surveillance video can then be presented in court to support the insurance company’s assertion that the disability claim is fraudulent.

Do they hire private investigators for disability claims? ABSOLUTELY.

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