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Do companies hire private investigators for background check purposes?

Do companies hire private investigators for background check purposes?

Know what they can find out about you!


You’ve found a job and now your employer wants you to go through the process of a background check. You may be worried about what they can find out. In today’s society employers can never be too careful. Workplace shootings, stalking, theft and corporate espionage are all as prevalent today as they were years ago. The things you see in movies happen in real life!


So when you apply for a job, you may ask yourself, do companies hire private investigators for background checks? Well, the answer is absolutely yes.


How will you know if they’re running a background check on you?


In most states, by law, the company must have you sign a release. A release is a document that spells out what kind of background check they run on you. There are several areas they can look into:


  1. Your residential history – where you’ve lived
  2. Who you’ve lived with
  3. Your educational history
  4. They can even talk to people you’ve lived with about you
  5. They can talk to your old neighbors about you
  6. They can talk to your current neighbors about you
  7. They can talk to your previous employers about you
  8. The can look into your credit history
  9. They can pull any criminal history you might have
  10. They will investigate your social profiles
  11. They will look into your driving history
  12. They may even place you under surveillance for a couple of days to see your lifestyle


All of the above are ways a private investigator can look into your life and your background to determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for a position. Their findings in these areas will be presented to the company looking to hire you.


If the position is one of seniority, such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or other senior role the private investigator might go as far as to check in with old classmates to see what kind of person you were in high school or college. This information can be very valuable to see how you might “fit in” with corporate culture and how well you might work with others.


But if the position you’re applying for is a more low-level position then the company will most likely only look at your criminal history.


Check your criminal history yourself – it’s easy

It’s quite easy to check your complete criminal history. Just about every police department in the United States will provided you with your NCIC (National Crime Information Center) report for a small fee (usually less than $30). The NCIC report is a report that lists all your arrests and convictions. It’s the same report a police officer sees when he pulls you over and checks your license. In fact, only sworn law enforcement have access to this information. So if you request a report on yourself, you’ll have the most accurate data possible.


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