Child custody investigation questions

Child custody investigation questions. 5 FAQs.

Child custody investigation questions. 6 FAQs.

Child custody investigations are some of the hardest-fought investigations in the court systems today. They are hard-fought because one party is trying to limit or take away custody from the other party. This means that potentially one party will have to pay the other for the child’s care and welfare. And so, when a child custody investigation is started the aim is to establish evidence against one party. That’s where a private investigator comes in – to gather evidence in a child custody investigation. And when it comes time t0 hire a private investigator people usually have questions here are the top 5:

Child custody investigation questions:

  1. In my child custody investigation, how much will the private investigator cost me? The costs of a private investigator vary depending on a number of factors. The main factor is how much time they spend on your investigation. Private investigators usually charge by the hour and the more time they spend on your case the more it’s going to cost you.
  2. Can the investigation document my ex’s drinking habits? The private investigator you hire should be able to document your ex’s drinking habits using a few of the following methods. They can place your ex under surveillance and follow them to bars or liquor stores. They can retrieve their trash where they might find empty alcohol bottles and receipts for the purchase of alcohol. They can interview neighbors who may have noticed your ex drinking heavily.
  3. Can a child custody investigation document my ex’s drug habits? If your ex has a habit of using drugs that are not prescribed then surveillance might be a great option to monitor their interactions with their dealer. If your ex is abusing and over-using prescription medications then this can be documented by the private investigator by retrieving the trash and examining it. Receipts from various pharmacies and empty pill bottles are great evidence to show that your ex is abusing their prescribed medication.
  4. What if my ex is dumping the kids with their grandparents? This is a very common complaint from parents who are seeking to modify custody agreements by initiating a child custody investigation. Ex’s, in many cases, only fight for custody so they can “get one over” on their ex. This is a sad situation but it is very common. When this is the case, the ex usually finds any excuse to leave the kids with someone so they can go about their business by themselves. Very often, if a grandparent lives close by, the grandparent becomes the caregiver for the night, or for an entire weekend. A private investigator gathering evidence in a child custody investigation can place the children under surveillance and document their whereabouts at all times. Video recordings of the children spending more time with grandparents than their biological parent is great evidence in a custody battle.
  5. My ex got a new lover. What can we find out? A competent private investigator can run their license plate to find out who exactly they are. Armed with this information they can then run a criminal and civil background check on the lover to see what their criminal and civil history looks like. It’s not out of the ordinary to find out a new lover has a criminal record far more serious than just traffic tickets. Burglary, sex assaults, and other major crimes show up all the time on criminal background checks. Do you want your kids around someone like that?
  6.  What else can the private investigator find out? Kids often play with other kids in a neighborhood and these kids often share secrets about what’s going on in their houses. One of these kids might take a story home and tell their parents. Many private investigators are skilled in interviewing neighbors as part of a child custody investigation. It’s not unusual for a neighbor to tell the private investigator, “I don’t know anything” only to call that investigator a couple of months later with details on a disturbing story they heard from their children, or something they observed that upset them.

I have more child custody investigation questions?

Then you should call a reputable private investigator and speak with them about the options involved in a child custody investigation.

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