Who can you turn to when you suspect your spouse is cheating?

Nothing is worse when you’re in a serious or long-term relationship than the niggling suspicion that your spouse or partner may be cheating on you or knowing that they’re definitely having an affair. You lose sleep, you’re constantly on edge and it’s all you can think about. In these stressful times, it may seem like […]

5 Tips to Make Private Investigation More Affordable

These days, everything seems more expensive and nowhere is this more evident than in the private investigation industry. As the economy suffers from inflation, the basic costs of items increase and these extra costs trickle into services you might use on a regular basis. There are ways, however, to make private investigation and private investigator […]

The One Thing You Absolutely MUST Do Before You Confront Your Cheating Spouse

It’s dangerous to confront a cheating spouse about their infidelity without first being properly prepared. Unfortunately, that’s just what many victims of adultery do. As the old maxim goes, “Failing to prepare means you’re preparing to fail.” So, how do you prepare? Nowhere is this more true than when the specter of divorce looms on […]

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