Can you hire a private investigator for any reason?

Your experience of private investigators may come from television shows you’ve watched. You see the private investigator getting into all kinds or hair situations, driving fast cars, wooing pretty women, etc. In reality, the private investigator rarely if ever gets involved in scenarios like this.

You might also have thought to yourself that the life of a private investigator is so cool on TV. They can seemingly solve any case at any time in about one hour. In real life, this would make them magicians, not private investigators.

But as you sit back and think about all the things you’ve seen a private investigator do, you probably find yourself asking the question, “Can you hire a private investigator for any reason?”

The answer is yes, with certain limitations.

You can indeed hire a private investigator for any reason, and there are several reasons why you might and even more reasons why you should.

Reasons why you could hire a private investigator:

    1. You’re looking for someone – a missing person, a debtor, lost love or witness.
    2. You want to know more about someone – a future business partner or a future life partner.
    3. You want to buy a business – you might want to know the owner’s backgrounds, the viability of the business, they types of customers and how they feel
    4. You may be suspicious – maybe you are suspicious of someone or something.
    5. You feel that your privacy has been invaded.
    6. You feel that your kids are being mistreated by your ex.
    7. You think your ex has moved a lover into their house.
    8. You need to collect money from someone
    9. You need someone to watch over your valuables.

And there are many more life situations where hiring a private investigator is not only a good idea, but the safest legal idea.

Remember, private investigators are licensed. This license allows them certain privileges in researching information and allows them to place people and places under surveillance. Normal unlicensed citizens can’t do that without breaking the law. Which brings us to the next question:

When can I NOT hire a private investigator?

There are a few situations where it would be harmful to hire a private investigator. These include:

  1. If you have a restraining order filed against you
  2. If you wish to stalk someone
  3. If you wish to break the law
  4. If you want the private investigator to break the law

Most savvy private investigators will ask you many questions prior to you hiring them in order to determine whether or not you are trying to break the law, or whether you are trying to get THEM to break the law. Once a private investigator hears or feels that you are trying to get them to do something nefarious, they’ll usually tell you politely to go away.

Private investigators are not interested in breaking any laws. They have licenses and income they do not want to lose just because you want to pay them money. So the question, “Can you hire a private investigator for any reason?” is a good question, and the answer is almost always yes, but with a few scenarios that mean absolutely not.

If you are looking for an affordable private investigator, with 20 years of experience assisting individuals, attorneys and corporations feel free to contact us here. You can also view a portion of our extensive client list here, and see what actual clients say about us here.


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