Can private investigators spy on cell phones

Can private investigators spy on cell phones?

Can private investigators spy on cell phones? In this age of surveillance technology privacy is being diminished on a daily basis. In this article, we’ll discuss how private investigators spy on cell phones and the legalities behind how they do it. 

Aren't there laws against it?

None of the following is considered to be legal advice. We’re not attorneys. If you have legal questions on the subject of spying on cell phones you should consult an attorney. 

However, it is generally considered illegal to spy and listen in on any conversation that you are not part of. There’s a Federal Law that covers it and if you’d like to read that law, you can find it here

So how do private investigators get around this and other laws pertaining to spying on cellphones? Can private investigators spy on cell phones? Read on to find out. 

There are exceptions!

Can private investigators spy on cell phones is a very common question. Private investigators are known for spying on people, places and things and one could assume that includes cell phones. But there are limitations to what a private investigator can do when asked to spy on cell phones. We’ll go through them here:  

Can private investigators spy on cell phones with the owner’s permission?   – if you are the owner of the cellphone and you pay for the service, you could give a private investigator permission to install software on your phone that would spy on your calls and messages. W

Why might you do this? Well, if you’re the victim of harassment or stalking it is a good idea to create backups of the harassment calls and text messages. You might lose your phone and the evidence would be lost forever. If you have a private investigator backing those items up to a secure location, they you would have peace of mind knowing your data is safe. 

Can private investigators spy on cell phones with and employer’s permission? – if you are an employee and your employer provides you with a cell phone, then it’s very possible they could hire private investigators to spy on the cell phone they provided to you. You should check your employee manual to see whether your employer reserves the right to monitor the cell phone (or any other device) they provide to you. 

Can private investigators spy on cell phones with permission? – no. Private investigators are bound by almost all the same laws a regular person is bound by. If it’s illegal for a regular person to do a certain thing, then it’s almost definite that it would also be illegal for a private investigator to do the same thing. 

Private investigators are exempt from quite a few laws by virtue of their professional licensing, but wiretapping and spying on cell phones without express permission is not one of those exceptions. 

Private investigators who break the law are routinely reprimanded by the police and the courts. In some cases, private investigators who break the law lose their license to practice in the private investigation field. For this reason, it’s very, very unlikely that a private investigator will spy on your cell phone. There’s too much for them to lose. 

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