Best private investigator Atlanta?

Best private investigator Atlanta? Eagle is voted best for 10th year in a row!

There are over 600 private investigation agencies in the State of Georgia, according to the Georgia Secretary of State statistics. The Georgia Secretary of State is the government agency that licenses private investigators in Georgia. If someone is claiming to be a private investigator in Georgia and they’re not licensed by the Secretary of State, then they are operating illegally and breaking the law.

Why is this important for you? Well, to start if someone is operating illegally (not licensed) and they obtain some evidence for you that you wish to use in court, you won’t be able to use that evidence. That’s because the evidence was illegally obtained. The court won’t allow it. So whatever money you paid to the illegal private investigator is wasted money.

But beyond just being licensed, there are other ways to know you are dealing with professional, licensed and respected private investigators in Atlanta.

You’ve heard of “Best of” lists, right? Well, the legal community in Atlanta (lawyers, judges, etc) pick their choices of “Best of” for many different categories. This voting process is hosted by a legal newspaper called The Daily Report. Every year this newspaper polls licensed attorneys for their votes for best of in many different categories. They vote for the best banks, the best steakhouses, the best payroll software and of course, the best private investigators.

So who is the most consistently voted best private investigator Atlanta?

Well, that distinction belongs to Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. based in Atlanta, GA. Every since The Daily Report first started the voting process in 2011 Eagle has been voted best private investigator Atlanta for the private investigator category.

This distinction can only be claimed by Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. No other private investigation agency in Georgia has so consistently been voted as best private investigation agency. Eagle’s consistent election as best private investigator shows how clients view their professionalism, their ethics and their performance on their cases.

Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. President, Niall Cronnolly states: “ We are proud of the distinction of being voted best private investigator Atlanta by our clients for whom we’ve worked so hard for almost 20 years. We are humbled and extremely grateful our clients hold us in such high regard. We will continue to serve our clients diligently and professionally.”

And it’s not just Eagle’s president that sings Eagle’s praises. A very prominent attorney in Atlanta, David Crawford had this to say:

Under the leadership of Niall Cronnolly, Eagle Investigative Services has consistently garnered and delivered the information, documentation and details that mattered most in seeking justice for our clients. When you build a case, every detail and every piece of information counts in the overall analysis. No matter what the cause of action – civil or criminal – Eagle Investigative Services genuinely understands how to help you and your clients, even at the worst moments in their lives. Call on Eagle Investigative Services, we do! “

If you are looking for an affordable private investigator, with 20 years of experience assisting individuals, attorneys and corporations feel free to contact us here. You can also view a portion of our extensive client list here, and see what actual clients say about us here.

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