Atlanta private investigator: Are they cheating?

Atlanta private investigator: Are they cheating?

Is my intuition telling me that
my spouse is cheating?

There are thousands of people around the globe who claim that they were totally oblivious to the fact that their partners were cheating on them. 

Nevertheless, through looking back and critically thinking about the time that they spent with their partners, they realize that they had been ignoring a consistent nagging feeling that their partners were up to no good. This nagging feeling was a result of their intuition trying to give them a clue about what was going on. 

Or is it saying something else?

Chances are that if you have taken the time to read through this article, your intuition is probably telling you that your spouse is cheating on you but at the same time, you are worried that you may be wrong.

Your intuition can be considered to be one of the first instinctual emotional responses that work as ones self-defense mechanism. It mostly comes into play when one’s emotions are at risk of getting hurt. Intuition gives you clues that enable you to figure out the things that you feel you just can’t quite figure out about someone else’s actions. That is why it is imperative that you always trust your instincts.

Is my intuition telling me that my spouse is cheating?

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done as ‘decoding’ what exactly our intuition is telling us when it comes to any matter of the heart involves the challenging task of separating:

  • What our intuition is telling us and,
  • The various emotions that you may be experiencing

Emotions tied to matters of the heart, especially when the person is completely in love or when he/she thinks that they are being wronged, have been commonly known to drive people to do many things.

 Being able to understand what your intuition is telling you can be interrupted by emotional responses such as jumping to conclusions which tend to cause one to throw accusations in every direction when maybe, you couldn’t be further from the truth. 

So, what do you do?

Maybe you could be right and all you need to do is catch your partner red handed. Either way, take some time to think and find out the best way to approach the situation.

It is worth noting that sometimes, the “bad feeling” you may be experiencing and be confusing for intuition, could simply be a result of some unresolved emotions from past relationships that ended due to your partner’s infidelity. 

Worse still, YOU could have been the unfaithful partner in the past and your unresolved feelings of guilt are causing you to feel worried that your partner will cheat on you as well, in which case, you know exactly what the problem in the relationship is, but want to blame it on an outside source rather than yourself.

Either way, if you think that your intuition is trying to give you a clue that will help you be aware of infidelity in a relationship, it is always best to first lay low and think about your past and current emotional state. This will help you find the source of the bad feeling you are experiencing. Once you are sure that the feeling is genuine intuition, educate yourself on the signs of cheating and compare them with your partner’s actions in order to figure out exactly what your spouse is up to behind your back.

Your next steps

If you want to to have a no-obligation discussion with a professional, caring private investigator who can share the answer to “Are they cheating?”, then just call (800) 867-3930 and speak to someone who will be happy to answer any questions you have. There’s no obligation. If you are looking for an affordable licensed private investigator in Atlanta with 20 years of experience assisting individuals, attorneys and corporations feel free to contact us here. You can also view a portion of our extensive client list here, and see here what actual clients say about Eagle Investigative Services a private investigator in Atlanta, Georgia.

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