Are private investigators licensed in Atlanta?

Are private investigators licensed in Atlanta?

Are private investigators licensed in Atlanta? Many people are unaware of what it takes to become a private investigator and many people think that they can just set up shop and be a private investigator. Here we will discuss some of the rules and some of the aspects of becoming a private investigator and operating as one. 

What is a private investigator license?

A private investigator license is a license issued to individuals and companies who wish to operate in the business of private investigation. As you might imagine, a private investigator can delve deep into your personal or business life and that kind of power requires some oversight. Licensing makes up part of that oversight and it makes sure those who are licensed are of sound character. 

Who licenses private investigators?

In states that require licensing (there are only 5 states that don’t) the licenses are either issued by the Secretary of State or the State Police for that state. In Atlanta, Georgia the Secretary of State licenses private investigators and security agencies and their employees. 

What does a private investigator license look like?

Every state has a different style of license and you can ask the licensing body for a sample of what that license looks like.  If you are in Atlanta, GA then a license looks like this: 

Atlanta Private Investigator

Any private investigator operating in Atlanta, Georgia or anywhere in the state of Georgia is required to have a license that looks like the one above. You can ask to see any private investigator in Atlanta license and they should be willing to show it to you. If they don’t, then don’t do business with them. 

Are private investigators licensed to do....?

Let’s examine some of the areas that require a private investigator to be licensed. These are some of the more common areas of the private investigation field that require licensing: 

Are private investigators licensed to follow someone?  – Yes. In order to follow someone and document their activities you must have a private investigator’s license or you might be accused of stalking, which is a crime. 

Are private investigators licensed to do background checks? – Yes. Background checks and investigations require the private investigator to have access to your social security number and as a result they must be licensed. 

Are private investigators licensed to find someone?  – Yes. Since a private investigator will usually use a person’s social security number and their data of birth to find them, they must be licensed since this is generally considered private information. 

Are private investigators licensed to install GPS trackers?  – Yes. Depending on the state and location involved a private investigator must be licensed to use a GPS tracking device 

Are private investigators licensed to…  You can generally assume that if the task involves “looking into” a person, place or thing then a license is required. If the thing you’re looking into requires that you have to present it as evidence to the courts or to the police, then it is almost guaranteed that you will need to be licensed. 


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