3 Tips on What Not to Do When Trying to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

3 Tips on What Not to Do When Trying to Catch Your Cheating Spouse!

So, you know your spouse cheated, or you highly suspect them of doing so. Now what?

Do you barge in and confront them straight off or do you do something worse – and irreversible – like humiliating them in public or accusing mutual friends and family members of harboring secrets?!

As a matter of fact you might come across several websites that offer tips on how to catch a cheating wife, a cheating husband or partner etc. Though most of them offer good tips, you must also know how NOT to get caught while spying on the cheating spouse.

There are many ways you can catch the deceiving spouse red-handed without even letting him or her know your whereabouts. But you must be careful to not to get caught by any of the wrong moves you make. Just follow the three golden rules we have charted out for you to manage getting away with solid clues and without even letting the other person know.

Be clever and sneaky

By following these tips, you will not just get to know the real picture but you can also escape from being caught in the messiness of it all! Read on.

Tip #1

Keeping TOO close an eye on
your cheating spouse

If you think you can get any valuable clues by following your spouse too closely, you are wrong. 

By doing so you might either get caught or someone might spot you doing as you try to hide while following them. Even hiding and disguising yourself will not work effectively; especially if you are suspicious about his or her affair with a known person, this kind of prowling will not help you at all as others might suspect or see you and inform your better-half. 

Remember, professional private investigators are trained and skilled at following people in cheating spouse situations through years of experience. You can just expect to be as effective as a private investigator with years of training. 

Your spouse might also be as cautious as you are because let’s face it – they are ones doing the ‘cheating’ – and you might tip him/her off. The same could happen even if your spouse is going around with an unknown person.

Tip #2

Don't expect help from friends or colleagues

First things first, the case of spouse betrayal is a deeply personal matter and it is between you and your other half. If you involve mutual friends and family members or his colleagues/friends in this betrayal, on the condition that they keep mum, you will certainly end up in getting caught! Cheating spouses are experts at noticing different behaviors in people and will pick up on their friends being different around them. 

Especially if you try to rely upon colleagues and associates – you are definitely embarrassing them!

 They also are unable to support you or reveal any information to you even if they are aware of the cheating going on. 

It is better to work out the plans on your own with your attorney, or a private investigator rather than include a third person in the plot. If indeed you are left with absolutely no other choice than including a third person, make sure you know him or her well enough to trust them with this hurtful secret, so that you do not get cheated in turn.

Tip #3

Never reveal your activities

Never have huge hopes for yourself when you are stalking your partner around town! Confronting your partner outright based on mere suspicion will trigger them to your prying and stalking and they will be MORE careful in hiding their infidelities, if indeed they are cheating. 

There is a good chance you are fooling yourself by demanding a divorce or having a huge fight in the hopes that they will tell you SOMETHING – if not the whole ugly truth! A cheating spouse will never be honest as they will be embarrassed and won’t want you to know all the details. And what if there is nothing going on??

If you do so, you will end up getting separated or getting a divorce, over basically nothing! This is not a solution to the problem. Remember – actions speak louder than the words. A divorce or a separation only benefits lawyers and cheaters; you will not get the satisfaction or closure you are looking for.

Forget about all the action for a second!

What if your spouse is not cheating on you at all and you sneak around in search of some vague proof to prove her/him wrong? Once again relationships, especially that of a husband and wife are very sensitive. Even a tiny misunderstanding could lead to remorse forever. You need to tread carefully here!

Try to keep the faith alive to lead a happy life forever – even if your spouse did cheat.

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