3 Methods That Could land You in Trouble When Spying On Your Cheating Partner

3 Risky Ways To Catch a Cheating Partner

You will do anything in your power to unveil the truth if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you.

However, you must understand that courts very often do not admit most of the methods that people use to gather hard evidence. In fact, most methods that you may adopt to catch your cheating spouse are illegal. This article will outline three methods that may help you if you want to catch your cheating spouse. However, these methods will automatically most likely be automatically dismissed by a court of law. In worst cases, these methods may land you in jail if you are discovered!

1. Recording any conversation that your cheater makes on his or her phone

Most people that adopt this method usually think that they only need recorded phone conversations to bust their spouses. This method offers you a chance to do whatever you think is morally right. 

Nevertheless, many people who employ this method are not aware that the law does not allow phone taps by private citizens. As a result, this method won’t be accepted as evidence in a court of law.  In fact, this method may land you in jail as it is a violation of Federal Law in the United States. In other cases, you may be forced to pay a fine if you employ this method to discover your cheating partner.

Recording a person’s phone conversation is only permitted when:

  • You have informed him or her of your intention to record the conversation. This is mostly applicable during interviews.
  • You have the mandate to act as an agent of the law. For you to play this role you must have an appropriate warrant.
Some states allow you to record a conversation without telling the other party you are recording them. But in all cases, you must actually be on the phone line and the other party must also know you are on the phone line. 

The risks associated with recording phone conversations are not worth it in most cases and it’s advisable you speak with your attorney before conducting and spying by phone. 

2.Using spy software to
catch your spouse cheating

This method has helped many people record every online move that their spouse make. Keystroke loggers are one of the software that some people use to record any chat that their spouse engage in or any emails that they write. You can download any key logging software on your spouse’s computer. Similarly, you can install some physical key logging devices on your spouse’s computer. These devices are usually in form of a cable.

However, the use of these devices and software is illegal just like the covert use of recording software and microphones is. Electronic communications are governed by the same laws that telephone communication. 

In general, it is legal to install key loggers on your own computer; however, you may land yourself in a very bad legal situation doing this. If you don’t inform all people who might use the computer that you’ve installed software on it, you might run afoul of state computer trespassing laws. It is advisable therefore, that you speak with a reputable attorney before employing any spy software to gather evidence. 

3. Using GPS trackers

In most cases, this method is legal as long as your name is actually on the title of the vehicle, but every state has different laws regarding the use of GPS tracking devices.

Any information that you may record on the GPS may help you or a private investigator take incriminating photos or collect other evidence, even this information does not help you in court.

You should definitely check laws in your state since your state may not give you a hundred percent legal permission to install the GPS.  Do not attempt to use a GPS tracker before you know your legal responsibilities and rights in an exact manner. 

Again, consulting with a reputable attorney is a good idea when thinking about installing a GPS tracker on a vehicle. 

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